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MHP Probolic-SR



    Sustained Release Micro-Feed Technology™

    • Fast, medium and slow release profile, ideal anytime- pre-workout, post-workout and before bedtime
    • Highest levels of the critical 5 amino acids (glutamine, arginine and BCAAs)
    • Flax, CLA and MCTs

    PROBOLIC®-SR- 12-hour Sustained Release Bio-Efficient Protein
    Probolic®-SR's patented 12-hour sustained release micro-feed technology and superior Critical Five Amino Acid Score (CFAAS) are major breakthroughs in protein supplementation. These two exclusive breakthroughs have set new standards in the bio-efficiency and anabolic effects of protein by giving you something no other protein can: a continual, 12-hour supply of the most critical amino acids to stimulate muscle growth, improve recovery and prevent catabolic muscle wasting.


    Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue. In order to achieve maximum muscle growth, you must have an adequate supply of amino acids to feed your muscles. Certain amino acids are more important than others for stimulating and supporting muscle growth. These amino acids are called the Critical Five amino acids which include glutamine, arginine, and the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine). PROBOLIC-SR's engineered protein matrix of whey concentrate, soy isolate and casein is precisely formulated to supply the absolute highest levels these Critical Five amino acids. Aside from providing the highest Critical Five Amino Acid Score, the protein matrix also provides a fast, medium and slow "release profile" which improves bio-availability and nitrogen retention.


    The exclusive patented Sustained Release Micro-Feed technology further enhances the "release profile" and provides a continual supply of Critical Five amino acids for up to 12 hours. This controlled, sustained release of amino acids to your muscles increases bio-availability and nitrogen retention and creates the ideal anabolic/anti-catabolic state for maximum muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown. PROBOLIC-SR's Micro-Feed technology makes it the most bio-efficient protein available.


    Feed your muscles with PROBOLIC®-SR -- the 12-hour muscle feeder!

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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