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Promax Lower Sugar


Chocolate Fudge
    The Promax LS Lower Sugar Chocolate Fudge bar is fuel for your lifestyle. A lower sugar, high protein bar that can help manage hunger. It combines the right kind of carbohydrates with the right amount of protein and fat to help with blood sugar management. This bar also incorporates a solid amount of fiber to help promote fullness and provides muscle-supporting nutrition with lower sugar. Try a Promax LS bar when you can’t grab a meal or use between meals to satisfy hunger.
    No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol, or gelatin. Gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian.
    Full size bars (67g)
    • Only 9 grams of Sugar
    • 14 grams of Fiber
    • 18 grams of Muscle Building Protein
    • Promax Protein Blend
    • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors
    • 18 Vitamins, Minerals, & Antioxidants
    • Certified kosher
    • Gluten free
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