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Labrada Nutrition was built on Lee's back, but grew into a giant because of trusted products. See what's next for this industry stalwart!
Name: Labrada Nutrition 
Founder/CEO: Lee Labrada
In Operation Since: 1995 
Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Phone: 281-209-2137 
Few names in the supplement industry carry the same clout and respect as Lee Labrada. This retired Bodybuilding Hall of Famer turned entrepreneur has taken a stage name to doorsteps all over the world. If you know Lee, you know profitability isn't his primary motivator.
Lee seeks to empower, motivate, and change people's lives for the better with nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. The company has good products, a good message, and good education. Its reputation hinges on high-quality, great-tasting supplements which deliver on their claims. Labrada wants to change the world's fit status, to deliver a message of health and fitness to individuals across the globe.

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