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April Packs included:
PUMPD Labs Amino Plus+ (Sour Cherry) in a cup
50% OFF AMINO PLUS + FREE SHIPPING Promo code: AMINOPLUS Expires 6/15/18
MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey + Isolate Gold
ORB Multi + Fish Oil (either men's or women's)
Animal Whey (Banana Cream)

If your goal is to build and not lose, packs included 2 samples of Betancourt Lean Gainz.
If your goal is to shred, packs included BPI B4 and API Cut AF.
30% Off at with promo code JACKEDPKALLDAY Expires 5/31/18
25% off any order at + a FREE Hustle RTD Promo code: GETJACKED Expires 6/1/18
Some lucky members got a full size bottle of API Cut AF.
Some packs got FREEZINda and some extra proteins to make protein ice cream.
Every pack had a pre-workout bonus sample.

New sign ups got a free bonus pack with 11 more products to try (18 bonus samples)

For anyone who signed up Jan 25 - Feb 23, this was your 3rd pack and included a free shaker cup from SmartShake along with other surprises.

April 2018

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