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This month, anyone who signed up in January or February got a SmartShake shaker cup.
Everyone else got one in their December holiday packs. So, all of the JackedPack members should have a shaker cup for the new year!
February pack includes:
4-serving trial of Cellucor's COR-Performance protein
2 clean protein bars - Mission1 from MuscleTech and Detour Simple
1 amino
1 fat burner
& 1 pre-workout

1 in every 100 packs had a full size Pyro Stim from Metis Nutrition

This pack was missing an amino from Performix. They tried to get them to us in time, but could not make it. They are sending the samples of ISO for March packs. They are also including a $10 off coupon for their products at to make it up to you.

February 2016

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