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May JackedPack included
CytoSport Monster Isolate Whey Protein
Performix ION
MuscleTech naNOx9 Next Gen
MuscleMeds Secret Sauce
Promax High Performance Pro Series - some people got Peanut Butter Crunch and some got Triple Chocolate Crunch
BONUS Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch
Plus, 2 extra samples that included either BCAA or pre-workout and an extra protein sample

New sign ups got a shaker cup from SmartShake plus some extra samples
Six Star Premium High-Protein Energy Bar
Promax Greek Yogurt Honey Nut
Cellucor COR-Perfomance Protein S'mores (4 servings)
New Whey Liquid Protein (grape)
+ 2 more pre-workout samples

May 2016

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