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NFP Gear IC Red

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Eric T.

Great pumps! Amazing energy and tasted good

will h.

This pre-workout had me wired shortly after drinking. Flavor was good. Maybe if I started with half a serving the first few days I would adjust. Has a good mix of basic ingredients but I prefer to know how much of each ingredient I am getting so I know if I need to add anything for my desired daily intake, especially with caffeine.

Shandy S.
It wasn't bad

According to the directions for your first time taking it you should do half a dose, which is half a package. I mixed half the package with 8 oz of water per directions. It didn't mix very well leaving crud on the bottom of my glass, I hate that. After having bad experiences drinking the sediment at the bottom I passed on this one. The taste wasn't bad, kinda like a watered down Kool-aid. It took about 30 mins to kick in and then it was very slight energy boast. Honestly the only reason I know it kicked in is the light tingling in the side of my face. Now maybe I didn't use enough but giving my body weight, usually it only take half a dose to achieve the desired effects. Disclaimer: I received a sample as part of my JackedPack to review for free. As always, all opinions are my own.

Taste sucks.

Obviously taste is sub par. energy was ok not great. i'd recommend something else.

It's time to reach your full potential!
Fast-acting IC RedTM has the power to take your work out to the next level.*
IC Red is a rapid-response powder for superior endurance and performance that gives you the edge to exceed your personal best.*
Taking IC Red before your workout supports:
Relentless Endurance*
Dramatic Pumps*
Improved Mental Focus*
Increased Power and Strength*
No Crash
Smash weights, jump higher, run faster and train better!*
This potent, proprietary blend is specially formulated to work harder, allowing you supersede your goals every single time you work out!*
IC Red is everything you could want from a pre workout.
We've packed IC Red's great tasting, advanced formula with only the highest quality ingredients to:
Deliver Amplified Vascularity and NO Production*
Aids in Increased Anaerobic Capacity of Muscle Tissue*
Helps Fight Muscle Fatigue*
Assists with Improved Energy*
Make your body give more than you've ever thought possible with IC Red.*
With IC Red, you can optimize your workouts to build maximum lean muscle without the typical crash.*
When you're serious, you don't cut corners in your workout. We developed IC Red with the same results-focused mindset so that you can experience unmatched strength and performance.*
Feel the instant effects of IC Red!*
Every container provides you with 60 scoops, 30 full servings of active ingredients. You won't find fillers here!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


NFP Gear was built on a foundation of excellence, quality and integrity. As a result you can be assured that NFP Supplements contain only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers. We have expended a great deal of time and resources to enlist a high level of expertise to the development, research and testing of our revolutionary line of dietary sports supplements. These products have been tested and re-tested to provide maximum effectiveness and unbeatable flavor.

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