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Celsius FLO Fusion

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Gregry E.

Flav was great, good amout of energy, id prolly give it another shot.

Harold g.

Used this before work and it kept me going all night....3rd shift is a monster and this worked great.... I'd buy it!

Colton S.
Wife liked it!

My wife said it was pretty good and said she would try it

Bradley W.

Mixed well in recommended water. Good flavor but a little sugary. No jitters but steady stream of energy throughout workout. No upset stomach. No medicinal aftertaste.

Guillermo P.

Mixes really good, felt good after taking it!

Martin M.

This product is good overall. Great tasting too. I'll still stick to my homemade

Julia H.

I never put the recommended amount of water in my prework outs. I usually put one or two mouthfuls of water in it just so I can get it down and over with. Gave me a decent amount of energy that got me through my workout but I can't get behind the flavor. It actually tasted like it had ginger in it which is not a taste I'm a big fan of.

Tony W.
Celebrity supp yields expected result, news at -11

Taste was substandard - instead of pumps I felt like I was going to have the Kool-Aid Man burst out of me. Pumps also sub-standard. I did start to notice signs of life from it very quickly, however - it felt like I was taking it on a dead empty stomach, and so I was starting to perk up a little straightaway. This outfit would have been better served improving its product rather than trotting out Flo Rida (who's on his way to washed up as it is) to promote this rubbish. There's a sucker born every minute, but around these parts, we have a name for them: newbies.

Mr. EE
Headline for your review

I felt this was very weak and just an attempt to cash in on the PreWorkout craze. It says it contains 200 mg of caffeine, however I truly could have gotten more energy off of a cup of coffee for much less money. I personally don't plan on buying this. Like most packages it has the typical marketing buzz words......Clinically Proven, Healthy Energy, Greater Fat Loss. The one that really got me is the "Burn 100 Calories & More", that actually implies it is a fat loss supplement or it can burn calories without doing anything. This is mostly made up of Vitamin B, Caffeine, and herbs......Since when did Flo Rida be

david a.
not for me

Not much for berry flavor and didnt really feel much energy


·       Burn 100 Calories & More

·       Healthy Energy

·       Greater Fat Loss

·       Clinically Proven

·       Vitamin Enriched

·       Tastes Great!

Celsius FloFusion is a great tasting fitness drink for your active Iifestyle. It is powered by scientifically tested, calorie burning MetaPlus®, Celsius FloFusion is clinically proven to enhance metabolism and Burn 100 Calories and more with every serving.Studies published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition show that Celsius FloFusion, when combined with moderate exercise, significantly:

·       Increases Fat Loss

·       Increases Cardio Fitness

·       Increases Endurance

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Team Celsius is a passionate group of people with a shared vision of having a positive impact on consumer health and wellness. The team has deep roots and diverse expertise in the nutrition and beverage industry. We began with an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to do what industry giants have difficulty doing – truly innovate.

Celsius is the first among many products we expect to launch that will create entirely new categories to match markets’ demands in advance of national or global trends. We strive to invent and deliver break-through innovations, based on scientifically proven function and benefits, to health-conscious consumers.

Our drive is to help our customers attain and maintain a fit lifestyle. Our focus is tight, our ranks are lean, and we believe we can help people achieve their health and quality-of-life goals.

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