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Six Star Casein Protein

Six Star Casein Protein

Triple Chocolate
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John W.
Great product

One of my favorite protein powders! Mixes great tastes wonderful!

Patricia F.
Loved it

The Taste really good, was not gritty at all, I mixed it with cold brew and almond milk. Hit the spot.

Mark C.
Great taste & mixed well

Tasted great, mixed well, nice amount of protein.

Rachel J.

Tasted good and mixed well. Not a huge fan of casein proteins but it was good for what it is!

Not bad..

The flavor was just OK. It did dissolve well in my shaker and was not gritty. I would buy this er...if it was on sale, if you know what I mean.

Gregory R.
Tasted good

I liked this

Michelle W.
Six Star Casein Protein (Triple Chocolate)

I mixed this powder with 8oz. of 2% milk. The powder was difficult to dissolve, as it took several stirs, and still left clumps at the top of the glass. For being branded "triple chocolate", I thought that the flavor profile was a bit weak. I was expecting more of a chocolate flavor, since it is advertised as such. This product does have a good amount of protein (24g), and the casein does work very well for having a sustained effect in curbing hunger. I usually get the "midnight munchies" and find myself searching for something to eat. I had this protein at 12:30am, and I was satisfied until the next day (in the afternoon). While I would not purchase the chocolate flavor (as I'm not a huge fan of chocolate to begin with), I would give this brand another chance with a different flavor, to see if has better mixability.

Andrew B.
Nice Chocolate Flavor

this protein tasted and mixed well(as far as Casein's go!). I made a pudding snack out of it for after dinner/b4 bed...Six Star has a reputation of being a cheaper protein, hence, I will stick with my personal choices...Rule1 or Kaged Muscle Kasein

Chris W.
Good enough

Same as others

Six Star® Casein Protein is not your regular protein powder. Inspired by extraordinary athletic performance, this formula has been designed to help make you stronger, grow muscle and effectively recover after a hard workout. Each scoop serves up 24g of protein and 4.9g of BCAAs – leucine, isoleucine and valine – to fuel you up, day in and day out.
Six Star Casein Protein comes in a delectable Triple Chocolate flavor, distinguished by the Gold Medal from the American Masters of Taste, a prestigious panel of chefs and flavor experts. Turn your protein shake into a mouthwatering beverage with Six Star Casein Protein.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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