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Blue Raspberry
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Joey C.
Best Pre for the price!

I have recently begun using pre workouts and have tried some rather expensive ones that are out there on the market. Usually to get a nice pre, I would have to spend 40, 50, maybe even 60 dollars to get one that gives the same kick as this. If you are looking for a pre that will make you freak out, this won't do that, what it does is give you a concentrated full power workout that you will leave the gym satisfied with. The unit price for this one is $23+ shipping on amazon for 30 servings, and that is unbeatable for that amount of product you get, although you will spend some time breaking it up because there isn't a moister packet inside and the powder is a literal brick inside. But that's a small price to pay for a month of satisfaction.

Taste Is Everything.

There are a ton of pre-workout out drinks on the market, but, if the taste is crap, no matter how great it's suppose to work, I just cant drink it. So, I look for great taste first; does it give me a mental edge second; does it give a stainable workout to go the distance third; and lastly I look for a great recovery substance in it also. THIS NRG MAX blue raspberry gave me all of it. I loved it so much, I took a pic of the packet, front and back so I could order it again. I also really like that it gives you a serving amount of every single thing (grams, mg, etc) instead of a matrix grouping amount Thankful for the s

Shawn W.
Great Product

Great product that provides constant energy

Justin M.
Solid Poduct

This PWO keeps me going the whole workout. I will definitely buy this one!

Michelle C.
Good Stuff

I let my husband use this one and he said he felt like he was able to work out longer with more stamina

Kenneth R.
Good flavor


Douglas R.
Round 2 better than round 1.

Two servings...a bit of a hassle dividing it up; think next time I'll mix it all at once and portion it that way. The blue raspberry had a bit of a tart flavor which I enjoyed. It did provide the energy for the workout etc. The first moment or two did experience a light jittery feeling but it quickly subsided. Give it a can't hurt.

Cole E.
High energy

Gave plenty of energy to get through the workout. A bit of flushing in the face but not too bad.

It did a Great job for me.

I enjoyed it gave a Nice pump and loads of energy.

Erik M.
I Like It

I like using this preworkout. It tastes good and mixes well. The color is a little weird; it's grayish. But other than that this is a good preworkout that keeps me going. I would buy this product.

PowerMax: Powerful Strength Source 
Energocore: Hardcore Energizing Complex 
Turbofocus: Mental Turbo-Acting Matrix 
MyoRecovery: Hyper-Active Muscle Recovery
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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