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Monster Amino

Monster Amino

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MONSTER AMINO 6:1:1TM Supplement Mix is a branched-chain amino acid powder containing 6g of BCAAs per serving that can be used before, during or after workouts. What are you getting? A ratio of 6:1:1 of L-Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in fully disclosed amounts. MONSTER AMINO 6:1:1TM Supplement Mix delivers 4.5g of Leucine per serving.*
Here is what is inside:
6g Total BCAAs
2g Pepform® Leucine Peptides
4.5g Total L-Leucine
1g L-Citrulline
Great taste
NSF® Certified for Sport®
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We stand for truth, power and unyielding support of athletic lifestyles. This is our unwavering commitment to quality. A symbol to carry and support you before, during, and after training or competition. 
Monster stands for 
TRUTH: fully disclosed nutritional ingredients and no proprietary blends
POWER: efficacious formulations that enhance your performance
LIFE: inspiration you need to achieve your lifelong goals
Because truth is power, power is performance and performance changes lives.