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Paige C.
Works well

I usually don't take preworkouts so I was hesitant at first but I was pleasantly surprised. I felt a good burst of energy through my whole workout without feeling overly jittery or tingly. And on top of that it taste reallyyyyy yummy! Definitely recommended

Troy K.

this stuff tasted great and i could feel it working. Great Pre-work out

Rick B.
Great flavor

This stuff tastes great and gives a nice boost. I would purchase this.

Bill K.
Great Product

I started working out in the morning at 5a.m. Taking this pre workout keeps me focused and gives me the energy to push through my workouts. Would recommend this product to anyone wanting serious energy, focus and pump.

Olivia O.
Best preworkout so far

I usually don't feel too much of a pump anymore from pre-workouts but this one had me feeling energized and ready to do a full body workout. My fiancé wasn't really in to the workout (he was on a different pre-workout) but on the other hand I was pumped and ready to kill the workout. I didn't want to stop because how much energy I had. We eventually left but I definitely had a great workout and afterwards I didn't have a crash or shakiness. Definitely interested in buying this pre-workout.

Andrew B.
Great Pre Workout

not for the faint of heart but if you can take it WOW what a

Cory L.
2nd try

This is the 2nd time receiving ION and this gets me tuned up. I enjoy pinging through a workout and ION does it for me. Has to be continually shaken due to suspended product, but it's great

Erik M.
Good Energy and Good Pumps

This preworkout gives me plenty of energy and pumps to power through my workout. And I don't get that uncomfortable tingly feeling from this product like I have from other preworkouts. I would buy this product.

Chris A.
Good stuff

I really love the performix brand as a whole. The iridium is probably my favorite thermo. But this runs a close 2nd. Definatly worth every penny

Alyssa M.

I just wish there was more in the packet! Gave me lots of energy for a great long workout. No side effects


PERFORMIX ION embodies the PERFORMIX promise. ION uses the most advanced Multi-Phase Bead nutrient delivery system, precision engineered with ballistic Terra Intelligent Beads to disperse hard hitting ingredients in stages throughout your workout. Unlike any other pre-workout, ION releases a 2nd wave during your workout with a flood of additional anti-catabolic and metabolic energy stimulants to push you through. This innovative multi-phase system is designed to get you started, keep you going and finish strong when all others fail.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Every PERFORMIX supplement is driven by our TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ Technology.

Best in class bioavailability enhancers.

Maximizing every single molecule's potential… period.

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