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Icy Blue Razz
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Shawn W.
So.....Be close to a gym prior to taking this

There I was at the shop about to get after it in the gym. I tried this supplement and within ten minutes I was ready to fight a bear. Needless to say this is a very good pre-workout and would recommend this to anyone that ate too much over the holidays and need a boost for that workout.

Codie C.
Great Flavor and Stimulation!

Took it prior to duty/ gym, I was alert and focused for hours. Great gym pump!

Cory L.

Excellent energy and focus

traci g.
pretty good stuff!

Used about thirty minutes before my workout and was pleasantly surprised as I regularly use a high caffeine preworkout. Tons of drive and energy and it lasted the entire workout. No strange side affects to note and it didnt hamper my sleep at all. I thoroughly enjoyed this product!

Brian .

Energy is where it's at. This has it all. Flavor, energy, and needs. Luv it all and will definitely try again. Thanks for the sample.

Michelle C.
I really like this

Aside from the niacin tingle, I rather liked the extra energy I got from this product. A serving is half of a packet, so the samples are good for a few uses too

Mr. EE
This works !!!

This is a really good product. Gives plenty of energy and effective pretty quickly. Taste of the Blue is pretty average, however most PreWorkouts I slam and by pass the taste. The terra beads are kind of weird at first, especially if you don't understand the science behind them. All in all this mixes well, except for the beads, however they aren't supposed to. That is what is pretty awesome about this product, it has a 1 - 2 punch to it. You get hit by the first wave which gets you movin and groovin to get going. As you are working out the terra beads start to dissolve and you get hit with the second wave of

stephanie a.
pretty good

really good flavor, nice pre workout

Jared H.
Absolutely the best Pre-Workout

I have sampled numerous pre-workout supplements with varying results. Perfomix Ion stands above the rest. Initially, I noticed that the Terra-Beads did not dissolve when I tried to mix it. Not a huge issue, but I had to scrape them off of the side of my cup and into the drink a few times. The taste was good, nothing extraordinary. However, as I engaged my workout, I felt incredible. I received a two serving sample and I used it on back to back workouts. They were two of the best workouts I have had this year. I did not feel jittery or "high", rather, I felt much like I do before a sporting event: alert, energiz

austin a.

i really love the flavor of this product. the boost was significant as well. great product.


PERFORMIX ION embodies the PERFORMIX promise. ION uses the most advanced Multi-Phase Bead nutrient delivery system, precision engineered with ballistic Terra Intelligent Beads to disperse hard hitting ingredients in stages throughout your workout. Unlike any other pre-workout, ION releases a 2nd wave during your workout with a flood of additional anti-catabolic and metabolic energy stimulants to push you through. This innovative multi-phase system is designed to get you started, keep you going and finish strong when all others fail.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Every PERFORMIX supplement is driven by our TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ Technology.

Best in class bioavailability enhancers.

Maximizing every single molecule's potential… period.

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