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Performix SST

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Todd .

Tasted great and the sustained energy was awesome.

Shaina J.

I gave this to my husband, he liked it alot! Said it made him feel naturally energized the whole day.

Sara K.
Loved so much, I bought it

One does doesn't give you much information on whether it works for getting rid of fat, but one use DOES show you whether you feel the effects. I felt warm 30 minutes after taking, easy to swallow, ate 1.5 hours after taking, felt energy all day long, really suppressed my appetite, and even give me a boost in the gym. I purchased the product and have already SEEN and felt results in just 5 days.

Andrew M.
Great stim

I work 12 hrs as a nurse and I took this pill bright and early in the morning. I was fully alert and very productive the entire day. Obviously this could be due to many factors; breakfast, sleep, etc., but I felt my very best the day I took these pills so take that as you will. Would try again.

Robert R.

This product had me moving but it didnt last long so thats why it didnt get a 5 star from me. Could i see myself taking these.... maybe until i found something that lasted longer.

Andrew T.

Better than your run of the mill Pre-workout. Sweat like crazy and had a good bump of energy

Erik M.
No Jitters

I took this mid-morning a few hours after breakfast, on an empty stomach. I like it. I didn't get jittery but could feel its affects. I would buy this product.

Brandon E.
Hot hot and hotter

I usually have to put in work to really sweat at the gym because of the a/c. This stuff had me sweating riding in my truck to the gym. Felt like a nice energy boost. Would have to use for an extended time to really say just how good or bad it is.

John K.
Mixed Results

Taken on an empty stomach and in conjunction with the pre-workout from the same company, I got HORRIBLY jittery and had really bad heart palpitations during my workout. Taken with food, felt nothing.

I really like this one

This I took about an hour before going on a bike ride and it worked very nicely. Had good steady energy for the whole ride and then some afterwards.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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