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Performance Inspired Whey Protein

Performance Inspired Whey Protein

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Our Delicious High-Value Premium-Blend Whey Protein Formula is Packed with a Full 25g of Clean Protein, with added Digestive Enzymes and 5g of Fiber for Healthy & Fast Digestion and Dieting Satiety!
You will quickly realize why so many people love our products, from hardcore and professional athletes to the everyday athlete who are just starting the heathy journey and want clean, quality products they can trust.  Owners Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd never settle for mediocre and they created PI to cut through the current offering of brands with BS claims and bad formulas loaded with artificial and sketchy ingredients.  We are a healthy lifestyle brand with a commitment to helping inspired others to be more healthy and active and to proudly give back to charity through our profits.
Our value-packed formulas are made without any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors…because ingesting artificial anything doesn’t make sense to us or meet our high standards, we expect better from ourselves and for you!  It cost a lot more to be all-natural and it’s much harder to formulate because we use have to use real coco and vanilla bean and not just dumping artificial flavor drops into the mix. Our clean taste profile people love and can trust is good for them.  Compare and upgrade to PI and exceed your diet, nutrition and fitness goals!
Use this complete protein for healthy smoothies, mix into recipes to boost protein and benefits, simple & fast healthy meal replacement and daily health and recovery shakes. Support your Peloton, HIIT, F45, CrossFit or any workout and diet with the proper fuel to recover faster and feel better by choosing better products for your healthy lifestyle. Gain a competitive edge and take your training to the next level.  
We put our names on our labels because we are proud and stand behind all of our incredible products!
Honest in our marketing without bodybuilder hype or paid endorsers (we use real customers) and over stated claims with clean, simple formulas with meaningful and proven ingredients you can trust!
~ 2 lb. Tub of Healthy and Delicious Quality Whey.  We also have single serve pouches in 12 count boxes.   
- A Full 25g of Clean Whey (Most Only Give You 24g to Save Money)
- Bloat Free with Powerful Digestive Enzymes and Rapid Absorption
- Fiber for Digestive Health & weight loss
- Mixes Easily with just a Shaker
- Contains No Aspartame or Any Other Artificial Ingredients
- Natural BCAAs for Lean Muscle Support & Recovery
- Amazing Value For All-Natural Ingredients (Artificial is always much cheaper)
- Incredible Natural & Clean Flavor Profile People Prefer   
- Mixes easily and avoid bloating with natural enzymes that help you get the most protein uptake.

Why did Tom Dowd and Mark Wahlberg create Performance Inspired?
There was a void in the market for trustworthy, high performance, clean & natural sports nutrition. The current mix of brands with over-hyped marketing claims and junked up formulas with juiced up bodybuilder ads confuse and mislead customers. Mark & Tom knew they could do it better, so they created Performance Inspired.
As a 25-year industry veteran and EVP, GM, CMO of GNC, Tom Dowd spotted the growing active lifestyle consumer in the mass market who was demanding better value and great formulas. As a result, Tom left GNC to work with Mark Wahlberg. Together, they started Performance Inspired Nutrition and people responded in a big way! As owners their names are on every label to show their commitment and pride in PI products; no hiding behind a large company. Every day they are 100% involved and driven to be better.
Better, Tested, Clean Ingredients = Amazing Products!
Our commitment to you is to create an honest line of high quality supplements with natural and clean ingredients that are safe. Our supplements are tested and certified by Informed Sport. We are honest in all of our marketing; we don’t utilize hype and “juiced up” spokespeople other brands do.  We never cut corners or take the easy way out with artificial flavors or sweeteners and you should not settle for anything else!  PI only uses the most effective amount of each active ingredient in our products.
We take the time to ensure our products exceed the performance mark and taste amazing.   All of our ingredients are tested, and our products are manufactured in world class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities which must follow the strictest guidelines for quality and safety. We put our names on the label, so you know we stand behind our products.  As our customer, you are getting very robust formulas at a great value and most importantly, a product you can trust!
Total Quality Control – Before a single machine is turned on in our manufacturing facilities, the manufacturing procurement professionals carefully select the most premium raw materials. A Certificate of Analysis is required for every ingredient, which is then tested and retested for compliance.
Quality assurance performs daily inspections of our current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) compliant facilities, which has a GMP for Sport registration.
Honest in our Formulas, Label Claims and Marketing!
Inspired to be Better!
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