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Lemon Lime
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Anthony D. Gallo
Great Creatine HCL by itself or for mixing

This product actually opened my eyes to how potent and small a dose of creatine HCL is compared to regular creatine. I've started mixing this in with my amino acid drink mid to post workout - great way to get your creatine in. The lime flavor is pretty good by itself and not overwhelming if mixed in with another product. Already made the swap to Creatine HCL after trying this.

Matthew W.
Always a fan

I always loved the Con-cret powder, it always lives up to what it states.

tony w.
Headline for your review

Added to a bottle of water and taste was good. Good quality creatine.

Joseph W.
Dig the micro servings

First product I've had with that small of a serving size. Love it. Makes it very convenient on the go

Peter C.
Con-cret creatine

I didn't notice a huge difference when taking this product for a while. I am sure it helped my Creatine levels and hopefully my overall strength ! I loved the taste for sure

Kevin O.
Noticeable Performance Enhancer

This really works and goes to show you how small a dose you need, when properly mixed by the producer. This is essentially a micro-scoop, but shockingly, has great effects and tastes super good. The lemon flavor overpowered the vanilla protein I mixed this with pre-workout. I would buy this outright.

Logan L.
Great Choice for Creatine

Taste is great, serving size is perfect, and results are even better. Definitely looking to purchase this product in the future.

A S.
Headline for your review

Good flavor, i like the idea of microdosing. Want to try the other flavors also.

Jason K.
Added bonus

Added to my preworkouts. The lemon lime flavor didn’t affect the taste. Good pump.

Mark C.
Deceent product

Liked the flavor, good results.


CON-CRET® Patented Creatine HCl® revolutionized the sports nutrition category. Because it is more stable, soluble and concentrated, CON-CRET® provides all the benefits of creatine at a significantly lower dose and without negative side effects*. With CON-CRET,® there is no cycling and no cramping, bloating, or water retention. CON-CRET® allows Micro-Dosing® based on your body weight and workout intensity.


ProMera Sports™ is the maker of the award-winning CON-CRET®, the original highly pure creatine hydrochloride. In addition to CON-CRET®, we produce a variety of supplements that increase energy, endurance, strength, weight loss, burn fat, and recovery. Since 2007, ProMera Sports™ has been providing health conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to experience safe sport supplement products.