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Dark Chocolate
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Brian M.
might be my new go-to protein

Superior in all categories: taste, blendability (just made that word up) and nutrition. .

Alfred M.
Nice action

Really like this stuff

Justin L.
Great for a beef protein

I have tried many beef protein powders before just to get away from so much dairy in my diet. This one by far takes the gold medal. Very creamy texture when mixed properly, and the taste was similar to 100% whey gold standard. Recommend if you're trying to cut back on dairy.

Matthew W.
Pretty Good

Protein has a good taste, good amount of protein for the amount. Mixes ok, still pretty lumpy

Joe S.
Not bad

It tasted better than I thought but only mix in blender, doesn't mix well in shaker FYI.


I found that this product was hard to mix in my shaker bottle. It seemed to clump...a lot. Taste was okay. I wouldn't say it had any Dark Chocolate taste at all.

Patrick L.
Personally taste is at top

Personally taste is at the top of my list for things I look at when picking out a protein. For this product the taste is...ok. It does taste like "dark"chocolate, but I'll emphasize the dark because it does have the slight bitter taste at the end. This protein does take a little longer to mix in the shaker. Most of it does blend, but there is a small amount of clumps that stick around the blender bottle no matter how long you shake it. Beef protein powder does sound unique, but I can't really tell if this protein powder is any better than the classic whey protein. Might have to give it a longer trial than a single sampl

Gabriel W.
Just alright

It's nice to have a variety of options in the protein powder realm with beef isolate being an interesting one. It's essentially pure protein, "cleaner" than whey isolate even which is respectable in its own right but otherwise it's nothing amazing. I can't help but be a little skeptical about the quality of protein going into something like this given the heavy amount of processing and who knows what needed to keep the taste palatable. That last word is key, I didn't find it atrocious like others have mentioned, but I certainly wasn't craving another like I might with a solid whey flavor. It also didn't mix particularl

Nicholas .
This protein taste terrible

This protein was one of the worst tasting protein I've ever had. I was very excited to try a beef whey and I love dark chocolate. It didn't taste like dark chocolate at all. The only good thing about this supplement is the Marcos. It's worth buying if you don't care how your protein taste like.

Steak-y chocolate

Good macros, decent at reducing how sore I was the next day, but dark chocolate vaguely steak shake was just weird.


Introducing . . .
Raptor-HP - an all new High-Performance "Super-Protein" designed to support physical performance, increase muscle growth and strength, and enhance recovery.*
For centuries the number one protein source for athletes has been beef - red meat. Beef imparts almost mythical effects on building lean muscle tissue and muscle strength. However, the biggest negative with beef has always been the bad things that come along with it. Namely excessive calories, fat, and cholesterol. Even with all the bad that conventional beef consumption brings, the world’s most successful athletes still eat massive quantities of red meat day in and day out.
Raptor-HP changes the game. It gives you the good and incredible muscle-building and strength generating qualities of red meat and none of the bad.*

Raptor-HP is made from beef/red meat protein.

Raptor-HP is a complete high-performance protein derived from all-natural beef raw material with no added hormones and is GMO free. No dairy, no soy - pure 100% premium beef protein. The actual peptide component in Raptor-HP is greater than 97% protein. This is far higher than other proteins and yes more than whey isolate. New and innovative protein technology have allowed us to isolate an ultra-high, extremely efficient (muscle-building) peptide profile from beef into a highly concentrated, high performance powder.*

Raptor-HP is High-Pressure Hydrolyzed

Raptor-HP is hydrolyzed using an innovative chemical and enzyme free High-Pressure Hydrolyzation (HPH) technique. This is a new technique that allows precision molecular weight peptides to be cleaved from the intact protein giving the ability to engineer specific peptide weights within the protein composition. Molecular weights of these peptides are measured in Daltons (Da). Raptor-HP’s molecular weight profile 15% - 6,000 Da, 55% - 3,000 Da, and 30% - 500 Da and smaller. The smaller the molecular weight of the peptide the faster it’s absorbed into muscle tissue.

This gives Raptor-HP a Tri-Phase Peptide (TPP) for engineered absorption dynamics (EAD).

30% of the peptides are ultra-low molecular weight peptides and get absorbed extremely fast for immediate return to positive nitrogen balance and an immediate effect of protein synthesis for muscle repair right after training. 55% of the peptides have a 6X greater molecular weight for intermediate absorption dynamics. This supports the anabolic growth phase that occurs a couple of hours after training. 15% of the peptides have a 10X greater molecular weight and are slowly released for extended anabolic support and recovery several hours later.*

Raptor-HP - 3 Dimensional Protein

Raptor HP is a 3-Dimensional protein giving you fast, intermediate, and extended protein absorption rates. Your muscles get a rush of fast acting protein right when you drink Raptor HP.* Promote muscle repair after training. You then get an intermediate flood of peptides to your muscles as you enter the anabolic growth phase after your workout. Raptor is not finished yet - finally you get extended anabolic effects as slow released peptides enter your muscles to promote recovery and growth.*

Raptor-HP is Enhanced with Creatine

Raptor-HP is also enhanced with creatine for the enormous research proven benefits creatine imparts. This creatine enhancement is synergistic with beef as red meat contains a high concentration of naturally occurring creatine. More so than any other food source. Even with beef’s naturally high creatine content, adding additional creatine brings each serving to the researched dose quantities supported by clinical studies to build muscle and strength.*

Raptor-HP Specs

24 grams of protein

1 gram of fat

8 grams of carbohydrates

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


AST Sports Science is committed to the advancement of scientifically based sports nutrition supplements. We are dedicated to advancing the scientific research to enhance athletic performance, metabolic function, mental focus and promote optimum health and well being. AST Sports Science is committed to introducing new, effective, and state-of-the-art high-performance sports supplements. Supplements that are backed by science and based on the concept of enhancing metabolic pathways to increase mental and physical performance. AST will continue to deliver you cutting-edge information on the proper use of exercise, nutrition, and sports supplements as an effective way to elevate the performance level of every athlete. We are committed to you the athlete and the goals you pursue.

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