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BPI Best Creatine Defined

BPI Best Creatine Defined

Blue Crush
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Zach L.
April Jacked Pack Content

This was by far the best tasting creatine I have tried. It went so perfectly with my just with a cup of cold water. The flavor was astounding, without the overpowering sugar that a lot of creatines and other supplements have. Really considering a mini-tub of this creatine.

Wade F.
Good stuff

I really like this product. Taste is satisfactory, but let's be real. We don't buy stuff like this for flavor. I don't get a rush or buzz feeling witch I appreciate. I started my workout at 10am and kept going till I realized it was 1:30pm and I could have kept going. I just don't get as tired with this product. If you have motivation this product can definitely help you improve your workouts. The price tag is actually pretty good. I priced it at about .67 cents per serving. I definitely have this product in my shopping cart.

Andrew T.

Absolutely delicious creatine

Darren R.
Great as always

Every product by BPI is amazing. Taste perfect.

Lindsey R.
Very nice profict

I'm extremely judgmental of preworkout, but this one managed to meet all of my expectations and wants in a preworkout. This didn't make me jittery or have a weird tingly sensations. I was energized throughout my entire workout and the taste was great. I will be buying this in the future.

Lydia K.
Best Tasting Creatine Powder

Taking creatine in powder and pill form are great but powder is my main way and this blue crush flavor tastes so great. Easy and tasty way to take your creatine during or after a workout.

John K.
Okay Taste, Great Mixability

As with all their Best Creatine products, dissolves completely and easily with just swirling in a glass. Taste on this one isn't my favorite of theirs, but not bad by any means.

Byran H.

I mixed this with the 360pre for a preworkout, I was blown away. I was able to pump out 2 to 3 more reps on every set. I will be doing further investigation into the 360pre, but I have never had that type of muscle energie with any type of preworkout!

Rick C.
Good stuff

Taste was decent and I seemed to get a nice full pump during and after my workout. Definitely consider using this product again.

Sarah R.
Taste Okay

As far as taste, not the best I've ever had. Decent product though.

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