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Peanut Butter Candy Bar
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Nick .
Tasty !!!

Tasted amazing !!! Truly a great product and the flavor mixed well with my oatmeal, will be buying more of it

Branden s.
l wanted more!

I really enjoyed this protein pack, I didn't add anything but water and the peanut butter flavor was so potent I thoroughly enjoyed every last drop, I love peanut butter so anything with a similar flavor I enjoy. I would for sure buy a tub of this protein.

Michael .
5 stars for flavor!

Mixed with milk this whey taste amazing! If you like peanut butter i would definitely recommend it. I will be buying a full size on this one.

Ric R.
Nice Taste!!

I normally mix my protein powders with 8 oz of fat free milk. I was skeptical about theflavor combination, but to my suprise it was quite good. I like how it mixes and have not had any issues with this porduct. Defintely, wouldpurchase this...

Bradley W.
Great flavor

Great flavor, mixed well, thicker then I prefer but could end up on my shelf

Kenneth R.
Tastes great

Good protein, tastes great

sandy s.
Loved it!

I usually stay away from peanut butter, but this was good. Not too peanut-y, not too chocolat-y. Mixed well with my banana, etc. for a delicious shake.

Bret T.
It's tasty!

I mixed this with about 6 ounces of water after a work out. It did have slight foam on the top which I actually liked. It was a good thickness, mixed pretty well (there were very few granules and chunks). The taste was right where it should be. It tasted like Peanut Butter Candy. Very good. I would buy this again if the price was comparable to other protein powders that I normally use.

Ryan M.
Good flavor

I mixed this with 6 ounces of cold water - mixed very nicely, slight foam on the top after mixing. I had a packet of the Peanut butter candy bar flavor, and it was pretty much spot on. In comparison to some of the other proteins I have had, I found this one slightly thin, but still extremely tasty. I drank it post-workout and did not feel bloated. I like the fact that it is mixed with amino’s. This was pretty tasty and I would absolutely buy this one, and put it in my top 5.

Chris S.
Great taste

Mixed well with water and tasted good, not too sweet.


ISO HD™ is the purest, low calorie protein delivering 25 grams of ultra premium 100% whey isolate & HYDROLYSATE per serving. With advanced flavoring technology, getting your whey has become a lot more delicious. ISO HD™ also mixes instantly and each container of ISO HD™ packs more servings per container than most of the competition.


BPI Sports, based in Hollywood, FL, is a leading developer, formulator and marketer of branded sports nutrition supplements sold through leading specialty retailers and distributors. BPI Sports has a commitment to delivering the best tasting and highest quality products available that help consumers reach their health and fitness goals. 

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