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CytoSport Sleeping Giant

CytoSport Sleeping Giant

Hot Chocolate
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Jennifer P.
Awesome taste!

Loved it!!!! Great way unwind and sleep hard/

Paul C.
Very delicious and unique product

I drank mine cold, as I don't care for any warm beverages. But it tasted great and I slept like a walrus. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys sleeping like a walrus.

Jason S.

Great before bed protein and good night rest all I. One!!

Richard F.
very effective sleep aid

I've never seen a product like this before, it is very effective at helping with sleep plus adds the long acting protein. Made for a really nice night of sleep.

Kirk G.

I had to go to bed EARLIER than normal to wake up super-early the next day....this helped fall asleep early, as well as rest harder-than-normal. Works like a charm AND tasted great. I had mine cold, but interested to try hot as well...since that is a serving option.

Michelle W.
CytoSport Sleeping Giant (Hot Chocolate)

I tried this product last night, when I was both hungry and couldn't sleep. I had been trying to fall asleep since midnight or so, to no avail. Around 1:45 a.m., I decided to get up and make this product. I mixed the powder with 2% milk (cold), and noticed that it was a bit difficult to mix at first (a lot of clumps). After stirring consistently, and adding more milk, the clumps dissipated. The powder has a good chocolate flavor/taste (and I'm not crazy about chocolate). I like the fact that this powder has 30g of protein (which is a good amount). The protein quelled my hunger, and at 2:30 a.m., I was finally able to fall asleep. It is hard to tell (from this one time sample) if the powder did the trick in helping me fall asleep, but it definitely did not hurt (with the melatonin and tryptophan). According to my FitBit the next a.m., I was able to get 6 hr 30 min of restful/uninterrupted sleep, which is good for me, as I do not have very good nights (due to health issues). I definitely would be interested in purchasing this product in the future to see if it helps (on a steady basis) me achieve a good night sleep. I would like to try a different flavor as well. I have tried a couple of other products from CytoSport and have been happy with their product(s) thus far.

tony w.
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Ingredients are good but did not notice much difference in sleep.

Jeremy C.
Pretty good!

The taste wasn't bad. Had better, but liked it and slept great!

Ryan .
I dont care for the taste

I must not like this formula. I thought it had a chemical taste. I like the idea of the product, but not the taste.

Curtis S.
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Tired mixing it cold with milk and found it pretty much impossible to get it mixed good and smooth compared to others and the taste wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be

Get ready for sweet dreams of recovery!
Each serving (2 scoops) provides
30g high-quality micellar protein
220mg Tart Cherry Powder
4mg Melatonin
1100mg Tryptophan from L-Tryptophan
Tryptophan Peptide
Micellar Casein
NSF Certified Safe For Sport (Tested For Banned Substances)

CytoSport® and its family of brands help athletes of all ages and levels reach their full potential, providing products that help the body recover, rebuild and restore.