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Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavors

Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavors

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Michelle C.
Pleasantly surprised!

Tried the coconut biscotti in plain Greek yogurt ( which without I would not eat gross lol ) and devoured the whole container!! Thank you Devotion Nutrition, I can get an additional boost of protein through yogurt now!

Eric S.
Good product!

Liked all the flavors; caramel, berry & chocolate mint. Will definitely purchase for myself.

Forest B.

Loved the samples I got. Ordered a variety box and a fruit loops box with the coupon included. The fruit loop mixed with my banana protein shake was possibly the best thing I've ever tasted. HAD to order more.

Ibrahim M.
very good

it was my first time trying it tastes very good but didnt try the bacon one since i dont eat pork but i would definitely recommend this product to any of my friends

Coconut Biscotti

I just tried the coconut biscotti in my coffee and loved it, no calories, no dairy and packs a killer sweetness with stevia.. Will be checking out the website and purchasing some.

crystal h.

A perfect addition to a protien shake without the commitment of a huge jar!

Josh .
Flex Flavors

These products are amazing! I have mixed a few with the protein powders that I currently have and have used a few for cooking and I can't wait to try a few flavors with my coffee. Flex Flavors are a total game changer. And the best part is that they are calorie free and sweetened with stevia. Great product!

Justin M.
Great product, good job ladies!

Great product, good job ladies!

Greg R.
Devotion Nutrition Flex Flavors Variety Pack

Excellent in coffee. Would recommend and will purchase

Jennifer A.
Holy crap!!! These ladies changed my life!!!!

These may be the MOST AMAZING things I have ever tried!!!! I have made it through the peanut butter crunch, creme brulee, and the monkey bread and all of them were life changing!!! Already ordered 2 boxes from their website... The Monkey Bread (of course) and their variety pack so I can try all of the other flavors that were not included in the Jack Pack. And I will be trying out some of the recipes they have as well.

Exclusive Offer
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No calories 
No sugar - Sweetened with Stevia
Gluten free
We do not recomend that you add to water. These are great when added to:
Oatmeal, yogurt, protein shakes, protein pancakes, coffee, tea, or anything you want to make sweet or flavorful.
For more info, go to

Devotion Nutrition isn’t just a supplement line, but a culture; a way of thinking and being for those seeking maximum physical, mental, spiritual and social improvement – from the inside out. Only through this deep inner passion and self-discovery can one say that they are truly devoted to being the best version of themselves possible.