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Fuel for Fire Fruit + Protein Fuel Pack

Fuel for Fire Fruit + Protein Fuel Pack

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Hank B.
Perfect for Endurance Athletes/OCR racers!

Thank You for making a smooth, easy-to-digest protein product. This is now part of my running jump kit. I really like the high protein content, and that it doesn't make a huge mess when opening it or using it on the go. Excellent product!

Kelsey B.
Quite good

Honestly, I just mixed this into a smoothie but the smoothie turned out amazing! The flavor came through and it was quite good and I was excited for the protein amount considering there was no whey.

Derek D.
Headline for your review

the flavor was alright, but I couldn't get past the texture.

Brett L.
Convenient and Good

The taste was good on this one. I expected it to have a powdery texture, so I'm not going to hold that against it. I was not sure about the tropical flavor when I first saw it, but was pleasantly surprised by it.

Mike R.
Tasty snack

The big key is to keep these in the fridge, they will taste exponentially better. I thought the taste was good, the texture with the chunks was a little weird, but it was a little sweet and not heavy, great for a snack after a workout if you aren't going to be eating a real meal for a while.

Chantel J.

I thought this product tasted very good. I brought it to work for a 10am snack and it helped hold off my hunger until lunch!

baylor p.
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Not a big fan of the flavor

Sarah S.
Not bad

I am not usually a fan of the prepackaged snacks. The flavor was actually not too bad. I prefer a higher protein count, but definitely wouldnt mind having this again.

Kenneth R.
Loved it.

I really liked this. It was fruity and delicious. Kinda made me feel back in grade school with a juicebox....but with PROTEIN POWER.

James C.

This was just okay. I only give it 3 stars for on the go convenience. The taste was not so pleasing.


Ever dream you're on the beach in Cabo San Lucas with a frozen tropical drink in your hand that has it's own tiny umbrella? Well you can stop dreaming because now you can take that beachy treat anywhere, AND get the protein your body needs. Each Tropical Fuel Pack is loaded with pineapples, bananas, and mangos--and, of course, 10 grams of whey protein. Enjoy Tropical before your work out for a boost of natural energy, after your workout to reward yourself with something refreshing, or anytime you want a scrumptious, fruity pick-me-up.


Fuel for Fire's mission is to enable humans to achieve their fitness and life goals by nourishing their passions with all-natural fuel sources.
Whatever your passion, Fuel For Fire wants to ensure that you are bringing your "A" game every time. Their philosophy is that food does not just sustain us, but nourishes and strengthens us, enhancing our performance in everything we do.
What's YOUR fire? Find it and fuel it.
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