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Mixed Berry Fruit Smash
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Shandy S.
Taste Good

I liked the flavor of this a lot, it was mixed berry fruit smash and tasted like Hawaiian Punch. It didn't mix up quite as well as I would have like, leaving some granules on the glass. Thankfully I didn't have to deal with the itchy, jittery hands like last time I used a pre-workout. Overall I liked this brand of pre-workout much better than the other one I tried.

ivy t.
One of the better pre workouts

I like this preworkout, helped me get through some though lifts on a day i was dragging.

Cole E.
Good energy without going overboard

I liked how this one panned out. I did not get the tingly feeling from it but had plenty to have a solid workout.

Elizabeth C.
Headline for your review

Great preworkout! Mixed well with just a glass and spoon (not a shaker bottle). One of the best tasting preworkouts I've had. Didn't give the tingles or itchiness that some do but definitely could feel the extra energy and focus.

Cassi H.

The flavor of this one was a little too strong for me but I felt like it was a good pre work out drink. No problems during or after my workout.

brooke d.
Great taste

Loved the taste, didn't feel a lot of the normal pre-workout effects. That's a definite plus for me.

Anthony C.
Enjoyed this product

Flavor was great. Broke a small sweat working out which is always a plus for a pre work out. Not sure about the muscle building properties as I never had enough of this product to tell but would buy this again.

good stuff

within 10 minutes of taking it I could feel it hit. I was either going to have a good work out or a heart attack.

Andrew M.
Great taste. Good focus. Cant complain.

This product isnt as strong as some of the preworkouts I have tried, but it got the job done. The drink itself was pretty tasty and it didnt give me that itchy feeling some pre-workouts give you. Not bad.

Scott H.

Mixed well, tastes good

Muscle Building Pre-Workout Igniter* 
Build More Muscle and Shatter Every Workout with PRE-GRO MAX™! 
New PRE-GRO MAX from iSatori ushers in a new era of maximum intensity and maximum muscle. PRE-GRO MAX takes over from the original PRE-GRO to push your workouts to a new level. The unique combination of advanced ingredients in the BIO-ACTIVE Muscle-Building Complex is designed to restructure how you build muscle, strength and power. The PlasmaVol™ Plasma Expansion Matrix will redefine what a pump truly is as plasma expansion and vasodilation collide. The Core Focus Complex is supercharged to get your energy primed so the end of your workout is as powerful as your first rep. Ignite your mind, build more muscle, experience more strength and feel the PlasmaVol Pump with the new powerful PRE-GRO MAX.* 
PRE-GRO MAX - It's Maximum GRO Time!™
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Satori is a Japanese word, which means to have an "epiphany or an awakening," where once you have the answers, suddenly anything seems possible, which in our case means building a better body. The "I" was added to make it more personal, because every transformation begins within. With you. And so the name iSatori was born.
iSatori has developed a unique process for continuing success with its product development methods. By utilizing and employing researchers, medical doctors, registered dieticians, and other industry experts to focus solely on the discovery and development of patented and patentable products that are new and exclusive to the marketplace, iSatori has enjoyed rapid growth and respect in the industry. In other words, iSatori is not a "me-too" company.
iSatori - a Total Solutions provider to help individuals build thier best bodies and healthy minds.
Our Mission is to create the most loved, talked-about, well-respected, and sought-after nutritional products and solutions for building a better body and living a stronger, healthier, richer life.
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