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Kegenix Keto Meal

Creamy Vanilla Bean
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Ruth H.
Taste good

Loved this!. Good flavor. Made me feel full Great Meal replacement, mixed with water.

Brandon M.
Up in air

Never have been a big vanilla guy, tastes a little off to me.

Shaquille J.
Meal replacement??? Or supplement???

Chalky taste. Not really a big complaint because you can mix a half scoop of protein powder with it to blunt it as I did with 5 frozen strawberries and frozen spinach and it still keeps the carb count low as I did. I'm not on a ketogenic diet but I decided to do it that way to experience it the way someone on it might. I wouldn't call it a "meal replacement" as 150 calories is not enough fuel to be called a "meal". It does make for a decent snack and blending the frozen berries and spinach with it really helped to add some bulk to make it FEEL like a meal. Would recommend experimenting with it.

james m.
It’s has protein

It has protein is the only positive thing I can say tasted blah and glad it was only a sample

Michelle W.
Kegenix Keto Meal (Creamy Vanilla Bean)

I mixed this product with 2% milk in a shaker bottle. It had good mixability, but had a lousy taste (not much vanilla flavor and too chalky). I have noticed that most Keto products have an altered taste to them, and this one certainly fits into that category. I definitely would not buy this product. I was hoping it would be better, as I enjoy vanilla flavored products.

Tony M.

Tasted synthetic

Stephanie G.
Gross taste

I had to gag this down, did not care for the taste at all. I could tell there was some attempt at vanilla but it was awful.

Douglas R.
Mine was just plain vanilla flavor.

Kind of like the Adkins Diet in a bag. But had this with my cereal and yogurt. Actually used 8 oz. H2O this time and it did mix well but it was chalky tasting and didn't taste anything like vanilla to me. Not a big fan of vanilla anyway. This product may be more designed to losing weight as opposed to bulking up or building muscle. The calorie count is more in line with being a snack as opposed to being a meal replacement supplement.

Kegenix's Keto Meal Replacement with BHB, MCT, and protein is the first and only complete meal replacement drink that combines the powerful energy of ketones with high grade protein; it helps burn fat, suppress hunger, and control sugar and carb cravings; it enhances your body’s energy and natural fat-burning ability to help you lose weight, improve mental clarity, and increase energy. Keto Meal contains all the necessary macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals for a complete ketogenic meal.
Ketosis is the state in which your body uses ketones to convert fat into fuel by burning stored fat instead of burning glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus, and fat burning abilities.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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