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Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime 2000mg

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime 2000mg

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Pouneh S.
Tastes great

Taste exactly like vending should tase, very high quality

Alex M.
Interesting all around

So i wasnt sure what to expect out of this one but i gave it a shot and it helped me out before work after a long morning. Gave me a clean shot of energy and served its usefulness pretty quickly. The taste may be a little much for some so be mindful that this is a product meant for results and not something to lightly sip on

Mike M.

Very strong taste sat in my stomach the entire workout. It gave me a little energy, but honestly, it was not worth the strong taste that comes with ginseng. If you can handle the flavor it is a good product. It does what it says it will do, but is is very strong.

Kirk G.
Potent...taste and results

Gave a noticeable energy boost associated with ginseng, but man did it taste strong!

Andrew B.

Are u supposed to drink from the tube or mix with water? No instructions there! Didn’t know what to do...

Michelle W.
Korean Red Ginseng Extract

I mixed this with 8 oz. of water, and it was very strong with a bitter taste. I did not notice any extra/increased energy from this product (had it with my dinner meal). I would not purchase this product due to the flavor profile.

A convenient portable stick pack that delivers 2,000 mg of Korean Red Ginseng extract for healthy immune support and energy levels.
This drink is lightly sweetened with agave syrup for a mild taste making it a great introductory product for those new to ginseng extracts. Vegan and naturally sweetened.
Drink straight from the pouch or add to a water bottle for a diluted version.

CheongKwanJang has been the largest health supplement company in South Korea today. We understand that we are in the business of improving our customers’ body and mind, so we always give 120% to ensure our products are effective, safe, and easy to consume. It is our attitude of giving our all that CheongKwanJang products are the number one choice for South Koreans and many others from different countries. We want our customers to stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally, so they have a strong foundation that can help them face any challenges and enjoy life to the fullest.

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