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Steven B.
Great product

Great taste. Would definitely use this product again

raiyan s.
great product

great great

Bret T.
Great Pancakes!

These were so good that I went on Amazon and immediately bought some more. My kids and wife enjoyed them also, so it is one of the few times that I can make one meal that all of us can eat! I mixed them up as per the directions, sparingly used some butter and some syrup and there you go. I have not tried to mix blueberries or raspberries into it yet, but I imagine that will be very good also.

Joshua S.
Good pancakes

I thought these were pretty damn good. I would have preferred more flavor, but I guess adding some syrup or something onto it would have done the job. Packed with protein which is great.

Dallas E.

Best product to replace the real pancakes. Actually like these better with fruit in it as well

Rachel M.
Absolutely love

I've been dying to try these! None sold near me and finally got the chance. Very good product since I love pancakes!!!!!! Would love bigger sized samples, maybe other flavors just because they are awesome!!!!!!!!

david a.
Headline for your review

Great taste had them before butvin a different flavor

Gerardo R.
Breakfast make easy and good for you

Great tasting pancakes with a good dose of protein.. I love pancakes and these were guilt free

Sarah S.
great waffles

I made these for my husband. He loves breakfast and doesn't like to skip on flavor. These were a great alternative to regular batter.

Matthew S.
Mancakes Procakes

These are some if the best protein pancakes I've ever tried & believe me, I've tried ALL of them. Not too dense like some protein pancakes tend be. Perfect amount of fluffy & sweet. Perfection!


Mancakes are formulated to deliver powerful, healthy, ingredients without sacrificing flavor or texture. Mancakes No Gluten, No Soy, No GMOs Cinnamon Oat contains 6 Superfood ingredients packed with Amino Acids, with each 3, four-inch pancake serving containing 21 grams protein, 19 grams net carbs, 10 grams fiber, and 2 grams sugar. You can customize Mancakes any way you want! Try pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads, cakes, donuts and more with so many options for mix-ins to the batter and toppings after it's cooked! Perfect as any meal, a snack, protein on the go, the afternoon work crash, and to share with your family.


What makes Mancakes better?
Pancakes and waffles are definitely not the first foods that come to mind for those looking to optimize their fitness, weight, and health goals... That is until now!  Mancakes are formulated to deliver powerful, healthy ingredients without sacrificing the wonderful flavor, experience, and convenience of pancakes and waffles.  
Each Mancakes serving contains 6 Superfood Sources that provide 20-23g Protein and 4-10g Fiber with between 19g and 38 Net Carbs and 2-7g Sugar, all from soy-free and gluten-free sources. This makes Mancakes the best choice for getting the protein you need before or after your workout without any added sugars, empty carbs, cheap protein sources, or mystery ingredients - unlike those shakes and protein bars.  
Superfood Ingredients Include:
- Whey Protein Isolate      - Almonds
- Egg White Powder         - Flax Seeds
- Whole Grain Oats          - Garbanzo & Fava Beans
Mancakes are designed to be simple and fast. Just add equal parts Mancakes mix (packed and leveled) and equal parts liquid (milk, water, or even coffee).  You are now ready to make pancakes or waffles just as you would any typical batter. Note that the batter will thicken the longer it sits.  So if your batter is too thin, just wait a minute or two.  If it gets too thick, just add a bit more liquid.
Each 1/2 cup of packed mix (70g-80g) makes three, 4-inch pancakes or 1 1/2 round waffles.  
If you have any leftovers, just freeze them in foil or a plastic bag.  They taste great reheated in the microwave or toaster oven and make for a quick, ultra-healthy breakfast for those rushed mornings.
Each Mancakes style has a delicious flavor derived from their 100% all-natural sources and an amazing fluffy texture. You won't believe that something this healthy can taste this good.  Customers often comment that they even prefer the taste to regular pancakes.
Just like ordinary pancake mix, you can also add your own custom flavors directly into the batter like chopped nuts,  blueberries, chocolate chips, mashed bananas, apples, pretty much anything (add 1-2 Tablespoons per serving).
As for toppings, Mancakes taste great with maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, or fruit.  For lower carb options, try topping with peanut butter, yogurt, butter spread, or simply enjoy plain. 
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