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MET-Rx BIG 100

Peanut Butter Pretzel
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Anthony W.
One of the better flavors

I would have to say this bar is one of the better Big 100 flavors. Nice PB taste with a salty finish. Has some pretzels bits on the top as well as a bonus. Perfect for post workout food.

Tyler S.
Taste on point

Product was amazing looked good to with the pretzels on top... A little big and full of calories for anyone trying to lean but then just eat half

Hunter L.

Blown away at how awesome it was. Flavor was good but man was it filling!!! 3/4 of the way through I started wondering if I was gonna finish it!

Brandon M.
Great tasting

Awesome bar and great for a small meal replacement or a snack depending on your diet. Definitely nice to have a box around.

Clint F.

Another great tasting bar from this company. Great for a meal replacement.

Matthew B.
Satisfying Intra-workout Snack

I get insanely hungry on my long workouts. I ate this about 45 minutes in and it was so so satisfying. This is the absolute best protein bar I've ever had. Most protien bars are hard as bricks but this was perfect

Zack B.

great flavor loved this bar.

Neil St. Pierre
Filling and Delicious

These Met-rx bars are packed and big enough to supplement a meal or use as a big snack before a workout. Huge amount of protein and the flavor is amazing. Peanut Butter Pretzel is definitely my favorite. I'm very glad I received these in the January box. Already planning on buying them when i run out of the last sample flavor.

Mikayla .

I absolutely love this product!

Shaquille J.
Great Tasting and Filling

This one might be a bit of a double edged sword. I thought that they were tasty and would just them before or after a workout only (due to the high sugar content). The good part is that they have favorable macros, the bad was that they are quite calorically dense. My goal is fat loss so I had to be careful when I added them, usually to replace a pre/post workout meal. Another good point is that they are quite filling, which is good for someone seeking fat loss. I can see how it might not be that favorable to someone looking to gain muscle as they do keep you full for quite a while, which might make it harder to reach those higher caloric requirements. All in all, I think that they can be used in both situations very well as long as the calories are taken into consideration. It's nice to review a protein bar and spend that much time talking about it's flexibility and only touch on the taste for a second because literally every flavor has been great. Also note, the sugar alcohol content is a little on the higher end so if one is more sensitive to the GI effects of those, that's another consideration to take.

The Big 100 is packed with the fuel you need in a meal replacement bar. Our exclusive Metamyosyn® protein blend packs this bar with everything you need to recover from a workout and stay energized through the day.
- 30g of protein featuring METAMYOSYN®
- 18 vitamins and minerals
- Naturally flavored
- Complete hunger satisfaction



In 1991, MET-Rx® launched The Original Meal Replacement Powder, a revolutionary product containing a scientifically designed blend of fast and slow digesting proteins that fueled a generation of gym rats, bodybuilders and athletes.  
Over 25 years later, MET-Rx®, a true pioneer in the Premium Sports Nutrition category is fueling the next generation of those who live an active lifestyle both in and out of the gym, are focused on training to reach new levels of performance and always remain hungry for more.   
Key Product Categories Include; High Protein Meal Replacement Bars, Protein and Performance Powders, Ready-To-Drink Beverages high in protein and Supplements that taste great, support a balanced diet, help increase muscle mass and maintain energy.
With so many choices out there, it’s easy to get confused when picking the right product and especially the right protein to meet your fitness and nutritional needs. At MET-Rx, we continue to focus on quality by choosing the best protein sources that are backed by science, designed to maximize performance and proven to work over the course of the last 25+ years. 
Life Motto: “If You’re Not Hungry, You’re Not Trying”


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