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MET-Rx METAMYOSYN Protein Powder

MET-Rx METAMYOSYN Protein Powder

Chocolate Molten Cake
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William W.
United States
  • City New Madison
  • GOAL Build Muscle
  • Age 18-29
really good!

I really liked the recovery feelings this gave! Tasted great too!

I am not a chocolate fan but DAMN This is good!

I opt for any other flavor and any other candy that's not chocolate so I went in on this flavor with a negative feeling but it was really good and mixed well!

Matthew P.
Really good

Actually tastes like it says it does

Alec F.
Delicious flavor and excellent mixability!

The flavor and consistency of this powder is amazing. It mixes easily with anything, and tastes great with water or milk. I love how it's a blend that keeps me full for hours. Overall it's a win for me!

Andrew B.
nice product

mix well(in my blender...didn't try shaker!), taste very good, good mix of proteins...

Claudio M.
Great Before Bed Protein

The benefit of this powder is that it contains a mix of protein sources that include the traditional whey with other slow-releasing proteins like casein (from milk isolate). The powder dissolved easily in a shaker bottle with 8oz of water. The best way I can describe the flavor is that it tastes like the cake batter from your average boxed cake mix, it was pleasant and certainly a treat. I've never been able to take casein consistently because it has a thick and viscous consistency, but this drink is smooth and watery just like any other protein powder. This would be a great before bed drink since it has slow-releasing protein that will keep your muscles fed as you fast through the night. I am strongly considering buying this as a good alternative to casein to drink before bed.

David P.
Great product

(Official Sweepstakes Entry) I have enjoyed MET-Rx protein bars in the past and this protein powder did not disappoint. Great flavor and blended well. I would definitely use this again.

Alex M.
Overall great

Mixed well, tasted great and the packaging looked good. I'd recommend and use again.

John K.

Great flavor and low foam, but a lot more fat and carbs than I like to see in my protein supplements.

David S.
Decent protein

Tasted good and mixed well, I just wish it had cleaner ingredients. Overall, it is a decent product though.


- 24g Protein: 8g Whey Protein Isolate, 7.5g Whey Protein Concentrate, 6g Milk Protein Isolate, 2.5g Egg White Protein

- 5.5g BCAAs

- Extended Release Fast, Medium and Slow Digesting Proteins

- Plus Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Velositol®

- Ultra-filtered Milk Protein Isolate and Egg Protein Isolate
Packed with 24g of muscle-building protein, the precise combination of proteins in METAMYOSYN® provides your body with a highly bioavailable fuel to meet your nutritional needs. We’ve enhanced our specialized METAMYOSYN® protein blend with a Protein Utilization Matrix. This powerful blend is scientifically formulated to help your body get the most out of this protein. Unlock the power of protein with these revolutionary ingredients:
- Prohydrolase® 50mg - a unique blend of protein-digesting enzymes. Before any nutrients can get to your muscles, enzymes must break down the nutritional components of the foods you eat in the digestive system.
- Bacillus coagulans MTC 5856 (1 billion CFU)- a probiotic, each serving delivers 1 billion CFUs of this beneficial bacteria.
- Velositol® Amylopectin Chromium Complex 1g - important for the metabolism of proteins to help your body utilize the proteins you eat. Utilizing proteins is an important part of the muscle building process.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

In 1991, MET-Rx® launched The Original Meal Replacement Powder, a revolutionary product containing a scientifically designed blend of fast and slow digesting proteins that fueled a generation of gym rats, bodybuilders and athletes.  
Over 25 years later, MET-Rx®, a true pioneer in the Premium Sports Nutrition category is fueling the next generation of those who live an active lifestyle both in and out of the gym, are focused on training to reach new levels of performance and always remain hungry for more.   
Key Product Categories Include; High Protein Meal Replacement Bars, Protein and Performance Powders, Ready-To-Drink Beverages high in protein and Supplements that taste great, support a balanced diet, help increase muscle mass and maintain energy.
With so many choices out there, it’s easy to get confused when picking the right product and especially the right protein to meet your fitness and nutritional needs. At MET-Rx, we continue to focus on quality by choosing the best protein sources that are backed by science, designed to maximize performance and proven to work over the course of the last 25+ years. 
Life Motto: “If You’re Not Hungry, You’re Not Trying”