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MET-Rx Whey Protein Snack Cup

MET-Rx Whey Protein Snack Cup

Chocolate Hazelnut
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Lee R.
Tastes great

This product tastes great and is much healthier then other snack cups. The carbs were a little higher then I'm looking for, but they make a great healthy snack. They would also be a healthy snack in children's school lunches.

Geoff B.
Great Taste

I thought this was a pretty cool alternative to the Nutella brand snacks that are out there. It tasted similar and has better health benefits. It's interesting but probably wouldn't be something I go out and buy.

Lauren B.
So good

Definitely fills any cravings you may have for hazelnut or normal peanut butter spreads while giving you a protein boost, and tasted great. I admittedly scarfed mine down after having fasted for a doctor's appointment, but I was licking my fingers trying to get all I could. Definitely worth a try.

Normandie P.

I was so amazed on how simple and filling this snack cup was. Got the little kid inside of me to eat the entire chocolate.

Ryan .
Good stuff

This was really good. Im usually not too crazy about other Met-RX products, something about the taste. This doesn't taste like its healthy at all, it feel like youre cheating. And only 11gs of sugar.

Joseph W.
Loved it

I was suprised at how good it was. Highly recommend!

Dan .
Great snack

I like how easy this is to have on hand for a quick snack. Taste good too

Bryant R.
Quick and easy snack

Wasn't a fan of hazelnut but this little snack cup hits the spot

Kylie B.
Great Taste!

These reminded me of when I was younger! They tasted great and got me through work. I loved the texture! There was a perfect cracker to dip ratio as well

Heath s.

Tastes really good

MET-Rx® Whey Protein Snack Cups are a fun and delicious protein fortified snack that can be enjoyed anytime or anywhere. Featuring a rich and creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread that is made using Real Hazelnuts, infused with Premium Whey Protein and paired with crunchy breadsticks, perfect for dipping. Our Hazelnut Spread provides a good source of fiber and protein with 50% less sugar than the leading Hazelnut Spread Brand.†
†Nielsen Total US xAOC Latest 52 weeks ending 2/24/18. Leading hazelnut spread brand snack cup contains 23g of Sugar per 52g serving.

In 1991, MET-Rx® launched The Original Meal Replacement Powder, a revolutionary product containing a scientifically designed blend of fast and slow digesting proteins that fueled a generation of gym rats, bodybuilders and athletes.  
Over 25 years later, MET-Rx®, a true pioneer in the Premium Sports Nutrition category is fueling the next generation of those who live an active lifestyle both in and out of the gym, are focused on training to reach new levels of performance and always remain hungry for more.   
Key Product Categories Include; High Protein Meal Replacement Bars, Protein and Performance Powders, Ready-To-Drink Beverages high in protein and Supplements that taste great, support a balanced diet, help increase muscle mass and maintain energy.
With so many choices out there, it’s easy to get confused when picking the right product and especially the right protein to meet your fitness and nutritional needs. At MET-Rx, we continue to focus on quality by choosing the best protein sources that are backed by science, designed to maximize performance and proven to work over the course of the last 25+ years. 
Life Motto: “If You’re Not Hungry, You’re Not Trying”


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