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MHP Adrenaline Drive

MHP Adrenaline Drive

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Christopher K.
Amazon Product

After taking this product, I had an amazing amount of energy and focus. I didn’t feel the jittery feeling I normally get from energy supplements and the effects lasted longer than most pre-workouts I have used in the past. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for intense focus for an extended period of time.

Pete B.
very good

this did exactly what I needed it to which was give me energy at took 30 minutes to kick in but when it did it was great!

Gabriel P.
Fast actin

Gives a mean amount of energy. Felt like I just drunk 3 or 4 monster energy drinks. Was amazed on how much effect this had.

Andrew B.
Good energy

Felt like I could go for hours...

Elliott L.
Nice Flavor

I liked the flavor. Usually tablets taste horrible, but I was impressed. I did feel a little extra energy but nothing like most pre workouts do. I wish I had more than 1 tablet to know.

Kevin O.
Hits You Fast

Be prepared, as this doesn't take long to hit your system, provided you follow directions. I was strict with the instructions and let the tablet dissolve in my mouth for the full 15 minutes (painstaking, I know). I don't know how the effects are influenced by chewing it up after 5 or so minutes, so be aware of the amount of time it takes to fully dissolve the tablet without drinking anything. Also, don't plan on drinking anything but water after it dissolves. Imagine a throat lozenge on steroids.

Douglas R.
Not sure about the Drive.

Another pw, with caffeine being the key ingredient. Being a coffee drinker most pw don't phase me too much and the same with this one. However, I did notice that my air passages aren't quite as congested so if I had been doing cardio would be great! As for great tasting, no I don't think so. To me it really didn't have that much flavor. If you're letting it dissolve on your tongue for the 2-5 minutes which I did you need some flavor. My 2 cents worth.

A S.
not sure

I did not notice much with this. Maybe being a coffee drinker is why, but 150 mg of caffeine should have given some kind of energy spike.

When it’s time to hit cardio, you can’t afford to be dragging your ass!
ADRENALINE DRIVE is a totally new high-powered energy experience that will kick your workout into high gear.
ADRENALINE DRIVE’s Fastsorb mentholated tablets provide fast absorption, increased bioavailability and potency of its powerful energizing ingredients which include 150mg Caffeine, Yerba Mate standardized at 20% Theophylline, Mucuna Purines for intense focus and Huperzine.*
These powerful mentholated Fastsorb tablets provide a minty cool sensation that opens up your air flow passages and enhances your breathing to help increase cardio output, delay fatigue and boost fat oxidation.* ADRENALINE DRIVE can be taken as a pre-workout or at anytime throughout the day to give you a fast energy boost that will last for hours.

When it comes to performance supplements, one brand stands out as the strongest in the industry: MHP. Since its inception in 1997, MHP’s mission has been to develop premier science-based, research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest physical potential. Over the years, MHP has introduced many innovations and breakthroughs in performance nutrition. Because of its dedicated research and development, innovative formulations, clinically researched ingredients and cutting edge products, MHP has become the most trusted brand among the world’s top pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen and fitness enthusiasts alike. 

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