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Midway Labs ATP Enhancer Overload

Midway Labs ATP Enhancer Overload

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Charlie S.
Good not great.

Gave me some energy but no jitters. The taste was good too.

Stephanie G.

I liked the flavor but didn't really feel anything from taking it.

A S.
Tastes good

I like the flavor. Did not notice much in focus or other "enhancements".

Evan R.
APT Advanced Overload

Flavor was alright but more artificial that some grape flavors I have tried in the past. Mixed well but had a milks purple color that is slightly unappealing. It did provide a mild boost for my workout and did not cause me to be jittery. I workout at 4 AM on an empty stomach and this product did not cause any issues being taken on a completely empty stomach like others in the past. This would be a good product for that late night workout when you want to go to sleep an hour or two after your workout.

Ryan W.
Not a fan

Didn't care for the flavor, wasn't sweet at all and the color of the mix was less to be desired. Did the job, wasn't enjoyable

Douglas R.
ATP Enhancer Overload.

I think the name is a bit much; perhaps a longer trail period of it would give you a better idea how much enhancing it does. Will give it credit for mixing well and it actually tasted like grape flavor. Although in my black shaker cup it appeared gross. Really didn't notice any effects from the product.

ATP ENHANCER OVERLOAD contains a blend of cutting-edge nutraceuticals formulated to support ATP production for peak power output, help maximize your body’s production of energy, and provide longer sustained energy and alertness with a more gradual finish, preventing the “crash” typically experienced when ingesting caffeinated products. This advanced product also helps promote focus during exercise, provides electrolytes for hydration replenishment, provides nutrients to support vasodilation and circulation, and helps reduce lactic acid levels during exercise. In addition, ATP Enhancer Overload helps improve both mental and physical performance, while reducing muscle glycogen loss and oxidative damage during exercise.*
5% of the proceeds will be distributed between several entities that support our veterans and their families.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This is our mission, to supplement your journey into building your best version of yourself! With this concept in mind, Midway Labs USA was founded in 1991 by visionary entrepreneur Wilton Colle, bringing the science and technology of the dietary supplement industry to millions of consumers. With extensive international presence and over 25 years in the market, Midway Labs USA is today one of the largest supplement brands in the world. All products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America in GMP and FDA registered facilities, supervised by a team of renowned professional scientists, doctors and nutritionists.
Midway Labs USA is currently on the board of directors of the American Chamber of Washington, DC. We are also a proud supporter and sponsor of several events, sports and athletes, such as the world famous soccer player Kaká, the UFC Champions Nogueira Brothers, the IFBB pro Felipe Franco, the first ever Women’s Physique Karina Nascimento, Athina Onassis Longiness, and Latin America movie stars Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso We are also the Main Sponsor at the Arnold Classic USA and Brazil, Title Sponsor at all 4 Europa Games, Official Sponsor of IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding), and Official Sponsor of the Boston City Soccer Club, StockCar Racing, and other teams and events worldwide.
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