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MusclePharm Combat Pre-Workout

MusclePharm Combat Pre-Workout

Blue Raspberry
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Forest B.
Great taste

I usually don't like blue raspberry anything, but this was great. I bought a full size tub after I tried the sample

Logan L.
It works

It is hard for me to find pre-workouts I truly love. The problem usually has to do with the amount of caffeine. I definitely did not use a whole serving of this pre-workout- maybe half, which is what I usually do with high caffeine supplements. The unfortunate part is that it also lessons the amount of everything else I get in the pre-workout. I had a great workout with this with half the dosage and found the flavor to be really good as I had it with more water, but I imagine had I had the whole serving it probably would have been really sweet. Altogether, seems like a pretty solid pre-workout.

Douglas R.
Gave it 4 stars as opposed to the usual 3...

That I usually give most p.w. I took this along with the nitric oxide I take b4 working out. The workout went well considering I increased the weight. As for the flavor, it was sweet, not too much of an after taste like a lot have; not sure how much raspberry flavor was there. I thought it had mixed well but there was a very small amount of residue left behind. Added a bit more water and drank that down too!

Andrew B.
great taste

love blue raspberry....would definitely buy.

Daniel P.
OK for lighter days

The blue raspberry flavor is good; no bad chemical aftertaste. Mixes OK, not great; had to add a little water to get all the the stuff at the bottom. That said, it's a little under dosed. If the packet is a full serving, most of the ingredients are about half of a typical pre, like only 200mg of caffeine. I wouldn't use it for leg day or deadlifts but it was fine for shoulders where I don't need quite as much "pop" to get me through (I lift in the evening after work).

A S.
Headline for your review

Tastes good, seems to work good too.

Emilio M.
Tastes great, but weak

It tastes great and is easy to drink, however I found it severely lacking in the actual preworkout aspect of the product. I started petering out and getting very exhausted not even half way through my workout.

Combat Pre-Workout tastes amazing and was designed to help you get a better workout by giving you explosive energy and endurance, great pump and laser like focus. Our transparent formula has no proprietary blends so you can understand exactly what is in it and how it works. It’s also banned-substance tested so you can rest assured it has undergone rigorous testing.
Key Features:
- Provides explosive energy
- Enhances focus and performance
- Maximizes muscle pump
- Optimize your training routine
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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