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NoGii Super Protein

Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp
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Shandy S.

This tastes great, just like a candy bar. Lots of protein, great for bulking as it has lots of calories. I like that it's gluten free, and filled with good ingredients.

Normandie P.

Didn't last long to see get this bar and have it consumed immediately. It was so delicious that I was shocked on how good it tasted. Worth to get more.

Sara K.
All Around Awesome

First of all, Soy in the BB world has become a misunderstood component. Recent studies have actually proven soy to be beneficial for both males and females when training. This bar had the best flavor of protein bar I've tried to date. It really was a candy bar-like treat that I "earned" after a crazy workout. The texture was very crispy with the perfect amount of each flavor. I felt full after only eating the sample size. I do wish the packaging would share that the calories that are in a full bar (390) but I'll avoid calorie overload by choosing to make my servings half a bar. The rich flavor and the fact that the singl

Clyde M.
I love this bar

It was like eating a real treat I felt like I was rewarding myself best tasting bar I have ever had

Daren K.
Tastes Great!

Awesome tasting bar for a 30 protein bar. I know the sample was probably only 15 grams. I just wish I'd know how much sugar or net carbs. But I would buy and try again for sure.

Cole E.
Very tasty

Bar tastes great and doesn't feel overly heavy. Would definitely recommend.

Jon D.
Best tasting protein bar

This is by far one of the best tasting bars i have ever tried. It really has that candy bar texture and flavor that you want. Would definitely buy these and recommend them.

Kelsey B.
Loved this product!!

So delicious! Doesn't remind me that I'm eating a protein bar at all, which I loved. The sugar content and the calories were a concern for me because I'm trying to lose weight, but I just ate one half at a time and still enjoyed it.

Shaina J.

Very yummy! Nice treat

Derek D.
awesome bar

this bar was great. It tasted amazing. I'll definitely be buying more.


The Super-Protein, No Gluten food solution. It goes where you go. Ultimate taste; high voltage, high-energy, and even higher protein to meet men's even higher nutritional demands. Exceed expectation with the fuel from NoGii.


NoGii is a line of high protein and super protein bars, paleo bars and whey & quinoa protein powders made for active lifestyles. All products are certified gluten-free, made with premium ingredients; contain no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or trans fat. 

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