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Adrian M.
Best Pre So far

The taste of this is definitely one you won't get sick of after a while, it was mild with only 6 oz water and good flavor. Not too much of a pump but I definitely felt the focus, great product.

Ben R.
Headline for your review

I was slumped all day and took this before my workout and it got me good. Wish it had some more beta-alanine to get that pump feeling. Tasted great

Scott P.
Really good

Good boost of energy with a great flavor

Cesar N.
Great taste, great pump!

This stuff taste great and wont leave you all shaky. My favorite thing is the NO3 aspect where it will leave you with a nice pump feeling!

Alyssa M.
Good taste

This stuff tasted good, not too much like chemicals. Got a good pump from this also

Joseph K.
Good preworkout

Tasted good and gave great energy. I’m used to two scoops with other products but one was good for me with this

Victoria T.
Best flavor!

This was the most delicious flavor of pre workout I've ever had. Totally buying in the future!

Xavier S.
Great taste and good pump

No bitter or tart taste in this one. Great flavor and fast energy, I tried to use this one for a couple days since I enjoyed it so much.

Gerald .
Fresh energy

Awesome clean energy. I usually work out in the mornings before breakfast. This didn’t give me an upset stomach like how some pre workouts do. I felt it hit me immediately. It did give me the slight tingly jittery sensation but it was clean. I was focused and amped my entire gym session. Outlift has potential.

Devon W.
Great preworkout

I have to wake up very early for my workout an this products wakes me right up. I can hit the numbers I want with no worry of being tired.

  • Fully Disclosed EXTREME STIMULANT ENERGY Blend*
  • Amplified & Extended Muscle Pumps with Patented NO3T Technology*
  • Enhanced Glycogen Uptake for Extra Muscle Fuel & Peak Performance*
  • Train Longer & Harder with Less Oxygen Needed*
  • Unbelievable Mouth-Watering Flavors

OUTLIFT® CONCENTRATE is packed into just a small 6.2g serving size, this fully disclosed formula, “just short of rocket fuel” will launch you into the next level! In 2014, Nutrex Research decided to take a stance with its release of OUTLIFT®, a full clinically dosed pre-workout which stood as a polar opposite in comparison to concentrated pre-workout formulas. Subsequently, OUTLIFT® AMPED was released for those looking for clinically dosed ingredients while still seeking extreme levels of stimulant energy. Today, we look to offer a concentrate worthy of the OUTLIFT® name, one that offers a true fully dosed performance enhancer, utilizing NO3-T® Nitrate technology, all while harnessing extreme levels of energy that will deliver the most intense training sessions. All this at an affordable price and flavors you have come to love and expect.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


July 20th, 2012 marked a big day for Nutrex as it celebrated two milestones: On one hand it was Nutrex’s 10 year anniversary; On the other hand the company proudly hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony for its new 80,000 sq ft state-of-the-art corporate headquarters located in Oviedo, FL.
What started 10 years ago as a dream and an idea has grown into a remarkable success. Hard work and quality products allowed Nutrex to become a major force in the dietary supplement industry. During his ceremony speech, Nutrex President Jens Ingenohl remarked: “When people see this magnificent building they can hardly imagine the hardships the founders of this company went through in the early years. Having been through it all from day one teaches you how to appreciate success and growth: I never ever take it for granted!”
What is a great success for Nutrex is also good news to the local community. “To see a building project like this come to fruition in a still ailing economy is a great thing for our local economy and community” highlighted city official Bill McDermott in his speech.
While the first ten years at Nutrex have come to a close, this new building marks the beginning of a new phase. To quote Nutrex President Jens Ingenohl again: “The best is yet to come!”
Only three months later in October of 2012 the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized the company’s efforts and success. It honored Nutrex for its capital investment and job creation contributions within Seminole County.
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