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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

Double Rich Chocolate
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Bradley W.
Great taste

This whey protein is great. It mixes well and taste wonderful

Troy K.
Only Protein you should buy!!!

ON is the best, this protein tastes great and mixes well with no clumps. This is the only protein i buy

Devon M.
Yeah Buddy

I've never had the ON protein. The amino is awesome so I was sized when I saw gold standard in my pack. It mixed very well and the taste was awesome. I'm used to tasting all the protein and isolate and creative etc that comes in the many different protein powders. I loved the taste and most of all, if works. I use whey mostly for post workout. I train hard so I line to be ready for the next day. I can honestly say that after an intense back workout,I room the ON shake after, and the next morning, nothing. No weariness, no tired or soreness. Just ready for the next set. I highly recommend this beat of a protein!!

Jennifer A.
5 star!

This is one of those products that I always seem to go back to! I had never tried this flavor, and is was yum! Mixed evenly with just water. No weird aftertaste! Great mixed in recipes too!!! Highly recomend!

carlos s.
Perfect flavor

Its awsome double chocolate flavor

Michael D.
One of the best whey proteins out there

This has been my go to protein powder for many years now (although I do have others as well). This flavor is excellent and it is not too sweet. The protein to scoop ratio is very good and there is no filler in this product. I will buy again and I strongly recommend this brand of protein to others all the time. The price is about average for the large tub, maybe a little more than it should be because of the brand name. I recommend buying it when it is on sale.

Shandy S.
Very Good

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey (Double Rich Chocolate) as part of the JackedPack to review for free. As always, all opinions are my own. I'm not usually one to go for chocolate flavors but this one was good it tasted like chocolate milk. It mixed up really well in my shaker, no chunks floating around that had to be squished with a spoon. It also wasn't gritty as some protein powders tend to be. It went down smooth and filled me up without upsetting my stomach.

ivy t.
Great Protien

I have used this product a lot over the years post workout it gives your muscles instant fuel to rebuild. Love it.

Frank V.

I love ON supplements. There's several people complaining about the taste, but that tells me they been using the wrong protein for the wrong reasons. I received the Double Rich Chocolate and i liked it because its not sweet at all. There's only one gram of sugar, which is a good thing, but yet still has a chocolate flavor to it. Yes it can be sweeter, but its not necessary and I don't like overly sweet stuff anyway. At 120 Cal with 24G of protein, 5.5G of BCAAs and 4G of Glutamine. you cant beat it.

Richard F.
Best one on the market

This has been my go to for about five years. Mixes well. Tastes great with no weird aftertaste even when mixed with water. I also have not found a flavor that I don't like. As others have said, I recommend buying it when it is on sale but still dollar for dollar best whey on the market.

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