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Blue Razz
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Herman B.
Great Energy

Awesome energy booster for before a workout!

Sarah S.

I seem to have a bit more of a tolerance to most pre workouts compared to other people I have spoken with, and reviews I have seen.. That being said, this had a good flavor, mixes well, and gave me a lot of energy during my workout. I actually saved the sample package so I wouldn't forget about it next time I order my monthly supplements.

John K.
Slow Build

Up front, it didn't feel like I was getting much, but partway through my workout I really started feeling it. Surprised at the pump I eventually got!

Lloyd L.
One of my favorite pre workouts

Works great tastes good and hits hard with the rush of caffeine. Its strong and give you the pump you need to get through a grueling 1hr + workout like I do.

Patrick L.
BlueRazz > Watermelon

Definitely works and worth trying out. Kept me going through my whole workout and didn't feel wiped out afterwards either. Taste of Blue Razz is not bad, maybe a slight bitter after-taste. Tried Watermelon flavor but that was just bitter all around.

Kelsey B.
Gets me Going!

I really liked the flavor of this and it kicked in right away to get me pumped for my workout.

Linda H.
Good flavor

This one made me jittery. And it made me feel itchy...that may just be me, though. Tasted good going down. Didn't feel a crash afterwards. Overall not bad.

Martin M.

This was one of the better products I've tried. Still nothing better than my home made mixture

Gregry E.
Blue Razz

Good, decent amount of energy, flav was a bit bitter, kinda had a sour after tast, but not bad at all, different from the most others, no tingle from the beat-aln, but still gave me enof energy to go threw my workout, might try again.

christi k.
Great energy, OK flavor

Made for a really great, effective work out. Helped push through to the end after a late start this morning. Flavor reminds me of a cotton candy after taste, not SO great but you don't have to choke it down either.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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