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ProSupps Dr. Jekyll Stimulant-Free

ProSupps Dr. Jekyll Stimulant-Free

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Sara C.
Great preworkout!

Used this for a functional training day, and I loved it! Mixed great; tasted good! And it helped me kill my workout!

John S.
Love this stuff

I love me some Hyde and then Jekyll. Flavors are great and different. Gives me a great jump in the pre workout and Jekyll gets a great workout throughout.

Richard F.
Good non stim pre

This non stim preworkout has a good taste and wotks.

Andrew B.
Great taste

Great tasting pre workout...

Tony M.
Taste Great

Great Product no Jitters

Brandon M.
Awesome pre workout

Great tasting and definitely gets you amped and ready to KILL the workout.

Anthony D. Gallo
I think they finally got it

I've had a few samples from ProSupps over the last few months, Hyde being the main one, which I just didn't like. When I saw Dr. Jekyll with the new design and noticed it was stimulant-free my interest was piqued. I've been looking for a good non-stim preworkout for a long time and most of the ones I've tried just didn't cut it. I tested out this sample and hit the gym - and it was awesome. My heart wasn't racing from caffeine or other stimulants like it normally is from my usual pre-workout supps. I am now very happy to have given ProSupps another shot with this product and am proud to say I went to Amazon and bought a tub. Thanks for the sample!

Jennifer P.
Taste great

Easy to mix, tastes great, and definitely gave an energy burst/

Kirk G.
Pleasant Suprise

Despite lack of stimulants (supplemented with my intra-workout BCAA), this gave plenty of "umph" to power through an intense workout. No crash at the end of the workout either. Considering for a moderate/daily/non-max-day integration into lineup.

lily y.
No Jittery feeling at all

I drink a lot of coffee and tea. A stimulant free preworkout was interesting too try. I didn't get any sugar crashes. I also didn't get any intense energy. I would say this is a good sustain energy source. If you don't drink coffee or tea, I think you will feel more awake by this. The flavor was okay. It was not chalky and dissolve in water.

Let's get swole. ProSupps® Dr. Jekyll® Stimulant-Free is the versatile, thermogenic, non-stimulant pre-workout that delivers. ProSupps is the first to introduce nooLVL™, a pump and focus combined super-compound, that is designed to power blood flow and energy for sustained workouts. Along with nooLVL™ are the energy enhancing ingredients Creatine Hydrochloride Beta Alanine for sustained endurance, and Afromomum Melegueta for intense thermogenic activity. Dr. Jekyll® Stimulant-Free is the evolution of pre-workout formulas driving all of the important aspects of your workout by maximizing focus, muscle pumps and fullness while increasing training endurance and elevating strength/power output. It's the perfect all-around pre-workout for men and women looking to maximize their performance and focus without the jitters.* Note that Jekyll™ Stim-Free will make you sweat! And that little bit of spicy tingle at the back of your throat? That means it's working. FEEL — and sweat.
Promotes Prolonged Training Endurance*
Supports Increased Blood Flow for Maximum Pumps & Muscle Volume*
Enhanced by Adaptogens to Maximize Performance and Improve Recovery*
Promotes Thermogenesis*
Stimulant-Free, Caffeine-Free, Zero Sugar
Informed Choice Certified. Banned Substance Tested
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Professional Supplements “ProSupps” is committed:

To provide the highest quality product possible through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and our unique and cutting edge product assortment.

To pursue an aggressive, outgoing research and development program thus insuring its future as a leader in supplementation and nutrition.

To provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained, domestic and international field representatives and customer service personnel. ProSupps team members are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of product knowledge in the industry.


Our Company’s vision is to encourage healthy living through exercise, diet and supplementation. We will create products specific to this vision, and provide the tools for all ProSupps customers to reach their personal health and fitness goals.


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