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Marcus O.

Best preworkout out there. There should be no hesitation to buy this product. It doesn't mess around.

Shawn W.
My long time friend Mr. Hyde

Never disappointing, this pre-workout is like a wide receiver that's been selected for the pro bowl a couple times. Clean, sustained energy that keeps you pushing through those last reps. Just beware of over consumption because there is a strong possibly that you might try to fight a lion just to finally tire yourself out.

Ric R.
This is great stuff!!!

I have taken many pre-workout supplements. This is bar far one of the most potent, even at half strength ( I always take half strength when trying new supps) .I love the feel and the energy burst. No crashing or jitters. I Defintely would buy this....


Big fan of Mr Hyde! I have already used this product before receiving this sample but wanted to write a review because this product is awesome!

Leroy L.
Hulk Smash!

This has been one of the BEST pre-workout supplements I have tried. The energy and intensity that it gives you made me feel like I was going on a Hulk Smash rampage. Kept my intensity levels up helping me power through my high rep workout and cardio. Would recommend to anyone who wants that extra boost in their workout.

John .

I feel odd reviewing this multiple times - they gave me about 6 packs of this stuff. This is my second time trying it - the focus, the feeling of being able to lift it even when ordinarily you'd struggle - that's present. But, today - and yesterday - after having a single serving, it feels like I've taken that skin flushing Niacin when the workout is over. Even after a shower. Yesterday, it lasted until about 11 am (I took it at 6am). I like it - but the skin flushing (even though my skin isn't flushing, it just feels like it) is unpleasant.

carlos r.
Gave me the jitters

This left me a little too jittery during my workout. Almost enough to take away from my lifting technique.

Christopher T.

I used this sample product once and haven't done so again. Though I remember the product working (increased energy, pump, etc.), I felt panicked and tachycardic for a couple hours after my gym session - worried for no reason, out-of-breath, etc.. I'm not prone to that sort of thing, so it freaked me out.

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