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Matt C.
Mr. Hyde is AMAZING

Took half of this sample for 2 different workouts and man, the jolt it gives is awesome. Great flavor, minor tingles (but they were motivation to keep pressing on). Supplement mixes well and goes down smooth. 5 stars for sure.

Matt C.
Awesome PW!

Just got my first Jacked Pack last week and tried this out yesterday. Perfect flavor and I was pumped and ready to go. Ended up pushing through an extra 20min at the gym. Love the mix of ingredients just the right stuff.

Ryan .
Did the job

This was an excellent product. I had an excellent lift. Great focus, no crash or jitters. I would highly recommend

Brandon M.

By far the best HYDE I have ever had. This one takes the cake in the HYDE series. Awesome pump, awesome energy and awesome taste. Definitely hands down the best and can't go wrong with this one.

Steven .
Insane focus

I powered through my workout last night with this. Insane focus and great taste to boot.

Heath s.
So far the best

So far the best pre workout I have ever used. Love that Beta Alanine tingle

tony w.
Headline for your review

Always a fan of Mr hyde products. I feel this is the best one yet. Ingredients are on point. Energy and focus were great. No jitters or crash.

John K.
United States United States
  • City Mesa, AZ
  • GOAL Build MuscleLose Fat
  • Age 30-39
Good Flavor, Okay Pump

I enjoyed the taste of this product, but the pump was only so-so.

Eric S.
Liked the formula, not the flavor

Was able to power through my workout, but not impressed with the flavor. Usually I think Mr. Hyde is over-caffeinated, but it got me through my workout with good focus and strength without jitters or crash.

Darren G.
No Citrulline

Definitely strong stim, but not alot more. This is in between a true "concentrate" that's nothing but stim and a true "all in one" because it's about 10mg short of proven ingredients. The taste is very good, and no problems with the stim.


ProSupps® Mr. Hyde® Icon was formulated with one goal in mind: To flat-out be the best pre-workout available to help you be the best at what you do.

Featuring 8 first-class, branded, research-backed, premium ingredients, Mr. Hyde® Icon leaves nothing to chance by delivering a truly premium pre-workout experience. Four powerful ingredient matrices have been developed to help support every aspect of your workout from start to finish and then beyond.

To be an Icon you have to push yourself to your max on every rep and every set, not just in the weight room but on the court or the field or wherever you fight your battles. The only way to survive the stress from hard work is to prepare your body before you go to war. Designed to deliver on every level, Mr. Hyde® Icon will help promote sustained pumps, increased strength & power, enhanced endurance, while supporting rapid recovery and providing unmatched energy. Mr. Hyde® Icon is the true, all-in-one pre-workout solution.*

- Intense, High Powered Energy & Focus*
- Promotes Increased Blood Flow for Intense, Sustained Pumps & Nutrient Delivery*
- Promote Elevated Training Capacity & Endurance*
- Supports Optimal Rate of Recovery*
- Increase Oxygen Uptake and Anaerobic Power*
- Enhanced Strength & Power Output*
- Supports Positive Mood & Training Motivation*
- Supports Enhanced Thermogenesis†*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Professional Supplements “ProSupps” is committed:

To provide the highest quality product possible through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and our unique and cutting edge product assortment.

To pursue an aggressive, outgoing research and development program thus insuring its future as a leader in supplementation and nutrition.

To provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained, domestic and international field representatives and customer service personnel. ProSupps team members are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of product knowledge in the industry.


Our Company’s vision is to encourage healthy living through exercise, diet and supplementation. We will create products specific to this vision, and provide the tools for all ProSupps customers to reach their personal health and fitness goals.


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