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Soft Serve Vanilla
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Gregory R.
Delicious and effective

Loved this flavor!

Don L.
Great taste!

I really liked the soft serve vanilla flavor and I also liked the way this protein mixed. It was easy to digest and went well with milk, oats, and even water. Great product.

Lee B.
Good vanilla flavor without the overpowering whey aftertaste

Allowed my picky teenager to try out this sample. She tends to complain loudly about the whey aftertaste in most protein powders and she loved this. She said it did not have that "yucky aftertaste". I took a sip of her shake, which she mixed with almond milk (unsweetened) instead of water and she is right. The flavors were distinct, but subtle and there was nothing that yelled at the tastebuds, which makes it really pleasant. I've tried several of the Rivalus products and really enjoy the pre-workouts. This is a nice post-workout supplement to add to the stash. Nicely done, Rivalus!

Brandon M.
Great tasting

Taste just like homemade vanilla ice cream and is smooth

James F.
Good flavor and mixes easily

Vanilla flavor wasn't overly sweet. Good ingredients. Mixes very easily.

Bryan J.
Great Protein

I tried the Rival Whey in Chocolate flavor and was absolutely blown away at the quality of this product. This was my first experience with Rivalus products and if all their products are this high in quality then I will be buying a lot more from them. This mix mixes extremely well and extremely fast with no chunks of unmixed powder left over in my shaker bottle. This is the best mixing protein I have seen so far. The taste is great as well and has a rather sweet chocolate milk taste. It is not as good as the Muscle Milk Chocolate, but it is a close second. I would definitely recommend this product to others and I will

Mariah H.
Tastes better than quest! No joke!

WOW this protein tastes incredible, no chunks with barely any mixing. This powder is A+ and I cannot wait to buy it!!

Erik M.
Tastes Great and Mixes Easily

This protein powder tastes great and mixes easily. I would buy this product.

Brandon B.
Perfect Post Workout Protein

Tasted great and macros were perfect for a post workout protein. Would buy this protein.

Joshua D.
Mixes well in water and taste pretty good! what else could ask for?

Well the title explains it all but yes! this does mix well and taste great. Normally it is a chore to choke down shakes mixed with water but with this unless you knew you wouldn't know the difference. Check out my review channel and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCTEJ0r8KIVgJmnhWX0wPA



Rival Whey is 100% Whey Protein from three fast-acting sources: Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), and Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH).

Each scoop packs in 24 grams of the purest protein and over 5 grams of BCAAs with 1 gram of fat and sugar – all at a great value!

Use Rival Whey in the morning and after workouts when speed and BCAA content are most beneficial for muscle protection and rebuilding. 


·      24 grams of 100% whey protein

·      Whey protein isolate – primary source

·      Ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate rich in microfractions

·      Whey hydrolysate – partly broken down for even faster uptake

·      Low fat, little sugar

·      Very high protein content (24 g protein / 29.9 g serving = 80% pure protein)

·      Over 5 grams of BCAAs (naturally occurring, not added)

·      Enzyme enhanced

·      Mixes up with a spoon in seconds

·      ZERO banned substances


Thousands of athletes, from casual participants to professionals and Olympians, trust the RIVALUS name and rely upon our products to legally enhance their performance. 
Here are just a few reasons you should too:
1. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR COMPETITION. Whether you are a competitive athlete, or just strive to lift a little more in the gym, you can rest easy knowing that RIVALUS products are tested for, and found to be free of, over 145 banned substances by highly accredited independent anti-doping laboratory.   
2. MADE BY US, SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. We design, develop, and field test all RIVALUS products to ensure that they work as intended. After all criteria have been met, the formulations are transferred to our world class manufacturing facility, where the latest weighing, blending, filling, and packing technologies are employed to make the finished products that you will find on store shelves. Cutting out the middlemen and overseeing the quality from start to finish enables us to provide unsurpassed quality and unrivaled prices.      
3. BUILT WITH integrity. We don’t “spike” our proteins with inexpensive amino acid nitrogen, double count nutrients in the Facts panel, fail to disclose undesirable compounds from the ingredient listing, or participate in other questionable practices to make our products appear to be anything other than what they actually are. When you choose RIVALUS, you can do so confidently. 
4. Passion for Performance. We have extensive knowledge about what it takes to succeed. RIVALUS is wholly owned by Tony and Mike Costello, the former founder-owners of Optimum Nutrition. So it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about protein. The balance of the team also brings decades worth of combined experience in the areas of nutrition and food science, quality control, and manufacturing.  No one is more passionate than RIVALUS when it comes to making premium performance nutrition products at affordable prices, 
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