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Daren K.
I love my Scoopie

Every since I got this, no more powder on the counter trying to get my pre-workout in my 20oz water. I basically just use the funnel part. I use it every day! A must have!

Eric B.
Finally got one

I have been look for a scoopie locally and could not find one. I refused to pay for shipping on one. Glad it came in one of the boxes. I have used several time while on the go and it worked great.

Matthew T.
Great item for protein on the go

Scope work great when using it to measure the right amount that I need for my shaker bottle.

Angel R.
Great Idea

Brought this little gem to work. Everyone liked how simple but necessary this item can be. Great for water bottles on the go

Joel H.
Made taking protein much easier

Instead of washing out my plastic water bottle/shaker every night I was able to just pour my protein into a new water bottle. LOVE IT!

Andrew T.
Where has this been all my life

I have used funnels before to put sups in water bottles. This is a huge upgrade to that.

Jeff L.
Great for use with water bottles

Excellent product.

Anthony D. Gallo
Great for filling flasks!

I haven't used this to fill a water bottle, but it worked like a charm filling my flask with whiskey the other night!

Dustin L.
Good Idea

Like most have said this is good for you store bought water bottles. I think the plastic is flimsy so don't store in a place where it could be crushed.

Kevin T.
Leave in car

Good for when you only have a vending machine water and your powder.

The most innovative way to bring your supplements with you on the go!
Whether exercising at the gym, taking care of your baby, or just managing your health, life is hard work – so why make it harder by struggling to put powder formulas into bottles? With the Scoopie portable scoop funnel, you can transport your protein powders, baby formulas, or supplements in the container of your choice with ease. Simply scoop your powder, snap the lid, flip the funnel, and watch as the contents flow...

The Story of The Scoopie began as two fitness frenzied individuals, Jarred Loran Allen and Tiffany Upshaw, sought a need to eliminate the overwhelming hassle of pouring supplements into shakers and water bottles using alternative means such as paper funnels, hand funnels or normal funnels. There simply had to be an easier and mess free way of doing so. Through a Facebook message sent from Jarred in Texas to Tiffany in Florida, where Jarred described his Sunday Funday Napkin artwork of a scoop and funnel to Tiffany who described her unique Scoop and Funnel idea, a bond was born.
Through cold calling and trial and error, Jarred and Tiffany turned concept into design, design into a product and a product into a multi million units seller. Today, they have worked hard on meeting the needs of fans and users world-wide by making sure each scoop brings every bit of awesome that each user needs.
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