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Shrewd Food Protein CRISPS

Shrewd Food Protein CRISPS

Baked Cheddar
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Lee B.
Surprisingly good

These pleasantly surprised me. I like cheese flavored snacks, but a lot of them are a bit too cheesy. These protein crisps were really tasty. They aren't Cheetos, but then they don't have all the crap in them that your regular junk food chips have in them. The ultimate test was letting my 16 year old try some. She really liked them and agreed that the flavor wasn't overpowering, the texture was good and what she loved the most was that they didn't stain her fingers bright orange (thanks to the absence of crazy artificial food dyes in this product). For a light snack they have a pretty high level of protein, which is a huge plus. I'd happily have some more of these in the house.

Emilio M.
Good, but not the best

It is crunchy and tasty, however it leaves a strange milky/cheese taste in your mouth, which is not great.

Douglas R.

Am like a rat when it comes to cheese. Usually have a snack with my coffee and this was my choice today. The bag of cheese puffs was crunchy; good texture and flavor. And lots of protein for a snack. Even though I really enjoyed this product but in all honesty I probably wouldn't buy it

Catherine S.
Cheese Puffs minus the calories and junk!

These are pretty good, good portion for the calories and I can hardly believe they pack 14g of protein per serving and only 2g carbs! Love these. Will buy more. Only thing I'd say is they aren't extremely flavorful like real cheese puffs would be, but definitely cheesy and a good snack.

Logan L.
Nice Crisp, Cheesy Snack

The crisps are good. Good cheese flavor and good amount of protein. Also appreciate the fact that it is low carbs. I've already recommended it to some friends to try out.

Brad S.
Huge serving

This is a decent option for a snack. They are a little bland, and they got stuck in and between every one of my teeth, but are good way to increase protein intake. The serving is HUGE, I didn’t even finish the whole bag which is only 90 calories.

Lauren B.

These definitely met the need for a crunchy snack, but as a lover of all things cheese, the flavor was off. It was more salty with like a strange after taste than cheesy, if you can get past that they work. I ate the whole bag and loved the low carb, but probably would not buy.

Jacqueline S.

I like the texture, but the flavor was similar to other health products that boast a cheese flavor. They do not taste like cheese puffs or Cheetos. Great macros though and big serving size!

A S.
Headline for your review

Light and crunchy, taste is ok, but not great.

Justin K.
Not a fan

If you can get past the flavor and texture, they have a good macro balance, but I just couldn't do it.


Not Colorado baked, but satisfying the same munchies, this high protein snack is sure to satisfy your cravings of those cheese puff national brands, but with huge protein. This snack is high on taste and protein and low in calories, fat, carbs and sugar.

Shhh they’re kind of a miracle. Plus they’re legal in all 50 states.


At Shrewd Food we rack our brains to create and bring you foods that Taste Great and are significantly Healthier. Our Shrewd Food brand is about bringing delicious nutritious alternatives to the masses. Our food is not just for the cult healthy eater, but for their picky kids, their friends and families. When kids beg for another portion, and don’t even realize they’re eating healthier, we add the product to our way discerning list.
Simply put, Shrewd Food is for everyone that wants to eat healthier without sacrificing taste.
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