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Six Star Aminos + Energy

Six Star Aminos + Energy

Fruit Punch
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Michelle W.
Six Star Aminos + Energy (Fruit Punch)

I mixed this product with cold water, and it mixed very well. There was not any residue left in the bottom of the glass. The powder turned the water bright red, which I was happy to see (as that usually means that the flavor will be strong). Sure enough, the fruit punch flavor was quite bold - yet not too overpowering or sweet. I felt that it was at just the right strength. The fruit punch flavor did not taste too artificial or "chemical" tasting. I left a little bit of the mixture in my glass, and then filled up the glass again with water. Usually, this dilution would water down most products, but the fruit punch still had a lot of flavor on the second glass. I am not very familiar with this brand, but the product did have a good amount of BCAAs. I would look into this product for purchasing in the future.

Steven .
Good but a bit sweet

It tasted fine but it was a little too sweet. It mixed great as well. You’re getting your money’s worth here.

Eric S.
Good sustained energy

I usually avoid caffeine with my aminos, as I use them intraworkout, with a a high-stim pre-workout beforehand. But this gave me a nice boost during the workout, without causing my heart to race too high during cardio after weight training. Taste was fine, not too sweet or harsh.

Darren G.
Not a pre-workout substitute

My pre-workout drinks generally have 250-350 mg of caffeine; this might work better as an intra-workout drink, although there are certainly better tasting options in that category.

Zach L.
average taste, good energy burst

wouldnt be my first choice but if i needed a good boost to my energy this would be a good option.



The main purpose of any pre-workout supplement is to perk you up before a training session and maintain your energy levels till the end – and Six Star® Aminos + Energy is no exception here. The powerful Energy Plus Blend, featuring choline, caffeine and green coffee bean extract, boosts your energy and focus, and provides a unique sensory experience to keep you going. But, unlike the traditional pre-workout formulas, Six Star® Aminos + Energy also delivers branched chain amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine – well-known for their benefits for muscle growth and recovery. The building blocks of protein, amino acids can also be used by your body for energy.

When you’re in the middle of an intense workout and your energy stores are depleted, your body turns to protein in your muscles to keep you fueled. The problem is, you’re breaking down your hard-earned muscle – and you don’t want that. The aminos you’re getting from Six Star® Aminos + Energy as you’re consuming it intra-workout, give your body the fuel it needs to go on and, this way, prevent muscle breakdown. PERFECT FOR Six Star® Aminos + Energy is a powerful pre- and intra-workout amino acid formula designed to fuel intense training.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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