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w.o.d.welder handcream for athletes

w.o.d.welder handcream for athletes

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EXPIRES 1/31/19
handcream for athletes
The quickest way to rips and tears (and sitting out while they heal) is to have under-hydrated hands with thick calluses. When it comes to under-hydrated hands, our intensive cream is the tool for the job.
Our all-natural Hands as Rx Cream promises the following: 
• A fast-absorbed skin cream that will keep your hands and palms supple
and hydrated. 
• Counteracts the drying effects of chalk and the grinding your hands take on
the bar, the bells, the ropes, and your endless pull-ups. 
As soon as you touch a barbell, the rings, an oar, or the family pet, moisture is lost from your skin. Luckily, the human body is an amazing thing and constantly replenishes natural oils that your skin loses throughout the day. For us folk that like to chalk up, we're at an even greater disadvantage in that those oils are stripped away on a daily basis faster than some of us can re-generate. Insert the need for a cream that is all of the following: 
1.) Non-greasy (we hate greasy creams and lotions).
2.) Penetrates multiple layers of skin to ensure maximum hydration.
3.) DOES NOT contain any harmful ingredients that are a byproduct of oil..looking at you Petroleum Jelly.
4.) Made in the U.S.A.

We are a skin care company. You likely knew that, but if you didn't we wanted to make that clear. Specifically we are experts on all things hand care, especially callus maintenance and repair. We perfected the 3 - Step Hand Care Kit in 2014 and have been keeping athletes skin healthy and functional ever since. 
We've made a HUGE dent in the old school mentality that "ripped calluses are trophies", sorry ya'll - they're just injuries. It was our original quest to make sure the world knew there was a better solution to ripped calluses. We still strive to educate athletes about their hand care regime, but we've widened the scope of our mission: to make the best natural skin care products for athletes in the world. 
WHY w.o.d.welder?
We could have called ourselves "Callus Fix" or something but we thought that was boring. We decided to name our brand w.o.d.welder because of the nature of what we do: we HEAL or MEND bodies. The term WOD or Workout Of The Day could be anything from kettlebell training, swimming, rowing, gymnastics, CrossFit, powerlifting etc. We set out to heal skin and bodies that are put through those intense workouts aka WELD them back together. w.o.d.welder..Workout Of The Day Welder..Doesn't that make sense?! We think so, but I guess we're biased.
We're family. The core duo of the w.o.d.welder crew are husband and wife team Keegan and Audra Pafford. From answering emails in the basement of their condo, to now operating out of a business park, they've been involved in every aspect of the brand since inception. Chances are you've seen or spoken to them at fitness related events and if you haven't, please go up and say hi! From Keegan - 
"We're grateful for the opportunity to work in an industry with such passionate people. Being able to engage with our customers on a daily basis is something we never take for granted and it truly makes us feel so fulfilled at the end of the day. If you're reading this, thank you for visiting our site. At the very least we hope to have answered your skin care related questions and if not, please email us. OH! and please excuse our shameless selfie, we look much better on the other side of the camera :)".