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Labrada Amino Thrust

Labrada Amino Thrust

Pina Colada
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Andrew B.
Great flavor

Love the Pina cold flavor...definitely would buy and reccomend

Krysti G.
Tasty and refreshing

Overall, a solid product. Taste is light and refreshing, making a great intra- or post-workout drink.

will h.
Good amino with caffeine

Good flavor and mixes well, even if mixed with other products. Good product to add to your arsenal if the nutrient profile meets your needs or you are looking to add more aminos to your diet. The added caffeine is convenient when needed but depending on the other products you take, may provide more daily intake than desired.

Geoff B.
Not bad

Product wasn't too bad at all had an above average flavor, mixed well, but didn't feel like I got the energy boost I was hoping for from a single serving.

Kayleen G.

It was nice to sip on during my workout and seemed to help keep my energy up. However didn't love the flavor....tastes like coconut water if you're into that!

John K.
Pretty Good

Surprisingly good flavor, considering what a weird choice pina colada is. Good mixability. Just didn't get any energy out of it.

Aaron G.
Great! with one exception

This amino is great as far as amino's go; mixes well, wide variety of aminos, some caffeine and greeen tea in case your pre isn't enough to get you through your workout. My only complaint was the flavor, I would have never chosen pina colada, in fact I couldn't even finish it but other than that I enjoyed it.

Douglas R.
Not impressed with the taste.

Pina Colada was an interesting flavor choice. I like pina coladas. This product mixed well in the 10 oz. of water but the flavor was very weak. Being as this sample has more than one serving some experimenting is in order.I didn't really notice any kind of an energy boost or anything but then we're after the nutrition aren't we?

Muscle Recovery
Take your workouts to the next level with AMINO THRUST™ Essential Amino Acid (EAA) formula today! 
AMINO THRUST™ is a delicious FULL SPECTRUM ESSENTIAL amino acid drink mix for athletes.  AMINO THRUST™ mixes easily in cold water, to make a delicious soft-drink-like beverage that you can consume before or after training, or sip on during the day to THRUST your lean muscle nutrition to the next level!
AMINO THRUST™ contains no artificial colors, and is completely SUGAR FREE.  AMINO THRUST™ is made with micronized free form amino acids for maximum solubility and absorption.
AMINO THRUST™ delivers Real Ingredients, Real Potency, and Real Results. 
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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