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Labrada BCAA Powder

Labrada BCAA Powder

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Chelsea .
Tastes Amazing

Really good taste, no chalky taste that bcaas usually have. Bought a tub this week!

Jerry W.
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This one tasted great and I had a lot of energy from this blend.

Michael R.
good product

I've had a few samples of this and everytime. I love it, mixes well and taste great.

Danny L.
Great tasting

The taste was great. Mixed very well.

John B.
Was Awesome

Title says it all! Love it and my energy is awesome????????

De F.
ALL Labrada products are GREAT - Period.

Great taste, easy mixing. Labrada is up there with the best.

shane g.

I use this before I do anything active. Keeps me hydrated. The fermented glutamine is a must in recovery and I trust the labrada brand. Tastes good no stomach ache which is a plus.

Ciera N.
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Love the taste! NO after taste or chalky texture

Anthony D. Gallo
Dosage Good - Taste Good

7G's of BCAA with good tasting mix - perfect for intermittent fasting (towards the end of fast) or when cutting if you're concerned about muscle loss. I enjoyed this product and felt it helped me curb muscle loss during low calorie days.

Geoff B.
mixed well taste was ok

This product wasn't too bad taste wise but honestly didn't feel any real effects from taking it recovery wise. Seemed like an excess of calories that was unnecessary when there are so many products out there that are low cal and provide similar recovery ingredients.

Why FERMENTED Aminos? Not All BCAAs are Created Equal 
Did you know that not all BCAA (branched chain amino acids) supplements are created equal? Not from the ratio, or additional ingredient standpoint... but from the actual QUALITY of the aminos themselves.  There are several different ways to produce amino acids, and the most common method is a very harsh acid extraction of animal products including duck feathers and human hair. This process, which involves hydrolysis for several hours using high heat and strong acids, creates amino acid hydrolysates that must then be filtered, dried, and refined to make them fit for human consumption. This is the most popular way to produce amino acids due to the abundance of raw materials, lower cost and ease of manufacturing. This process may produce a product that is contaminated with allergens. 
The other, less common, and more expensive method of production of amino acids is accomplished through the fermentation of cultures in a pharmaceutical lab. Through this process, no animal products are used as starting materials;  and no harsh chemicals or high heat treatments are used to manufacture the aminos. The result is a higher quality, allergen-free, and more efficacious amino acid product. 
Labrada proudly uses fermented BCAAs and L-glutamine in BCAA POWER, to ensure you are getting the highest quality and value for your dollar, while protecting you from contaminants found in lower quality amino acids. 
About BCAAs 
Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of three amino acids - leucine, valine, and isoleucine. BCAAs play a significant role in building and repairing muscle after a workout, and also act as a "signal" to your muscles that nutrients are available for increasing muscle mass. Contractile (muscle) proteins are damaged during exercise, and muscle cells will use BCAAs to buffer the loss of certain non-essential amino acids or to provide energy during long periods of exhaustive training. 
What is BCAA Power? 
LABRADA BCAA POWER is a delicious BCAA powdered drink mix made using highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, fermented BCAA amino acids, fermented L-glutamine, plus electrolytes. The 2:1:1 ratio BCAA blend (2 leucine: 1 isoleucine: 1 valine) contained in BCAA POWER has been shown to be the optimum ratio in providing both amino acids as building blocks AND taking advantage of leucine's role as an anabolic signal in the muscle cell. Taking this BCAA combination immediately prior to, or during exercise will prime your muscles to respond to your training.
Not Just BCAAs? 
Labrada Nutrition believes that high-quality and taste are critical components of a BCAA supplement, and we believe that we lead the industry in these two areas. But, as important as these components are, it's not enough.  
BCAA POWER was formulated with the athlete in mind, and as a result, it also contains an effective serving of L-glutamine to help jumpstart recovery from exercise and support immune function, along with coconut water extract to replenish your electrolytes lost while training.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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