Alias Nutrition – JackedPack
Chris, Jack and Slade are brothers who have a passion for working out. As with anyone who works out or trains, they drink protein. In 2014, Chris competed for an NPC physique competition and as part of his diet, he was drinking protein multiple times a day. Drinking the same flavor over 30+ servings can get tiring and burdensome.
They were discussing this problem one day and realized, they were not the only ones who felt this way. After seraching for convenient and affordable solutions, they came up empty. Working with a local, reputable food company, they developed a powder that can be added to any protein powder to change the flavor. It wasnt long until they set out to change the unchangeable protein and fitness world! 
Do YOU get tired of drinking the same protein flavor, over and over? Does your protein sit in your cabinet, untouched, because you cannot stand to drink another serving due to the monotony of flavors? If you do, then Alias is the product for you! No more buying fresh fruit or jars of peanut butter to change your protein flavor. Simply grab a convenient stick pack of the flavor you want, pour it into your existing protein, and shake it up! Keep your protein, change your flavor!
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