Prince of Peace – JackedPack
To make a positive contribution to our world through increasing its knowledge about health and through encouraging the development of healthy lifestyles by providing high quality products and outstanding service.
Service is #1.
To supply the most reliable, natural, and delicious high quality health food products to our consumers.
Strive for Perfection
Prince of Peace® Group is like a big family, where our staff can achieve their potential and grow with the company in a safe and healthy work environment.
Working as a Team
Prince of Peace® stresses teamwork; it is only through teamwork that we can leverage and multiply the company’s efforts.
Caring for All
Aside from the normal commercial expectation of “taking from the society, giving back to the society”, we seek to care for ‘our neighbors’ around the world, whether the issue is education, social welfare, the environment, or some other concerns where we can make a difference.
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