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FortiFX isn’t just a brand, it’s also a story. To better understand this, you must know a little bit about the founder. Sean Perich started making protein cookies in his one-bedroom apartment in the year 2000. His apartment reached full capacity in 2001 and he moved his manufacturing to a small pizza shop nearby. He spent five years in this pizza shop until he moved his business to a 40,000 square foot facility. Sean has formulated and manufactured protein bars/cookies for hundreds of clients and still works with over 40 of the largest clients in the industry. Sean started at the bottom and has fought his way to the top. Though Sean has had such tremendous success, he is genuinely a humble guy. He attributes his success to the people he’s surrounded himself with and the fact that he’s just #2Dumb2Quit. For the past eighteen years, Sean has been formulating the best protein bars in the world. Seven years ago, he made his first HALF GRANOLA BAR HALF PROTEIN BAR and has been anxious to launch it since. Within the past couple years, advancements in Sean’s businesses have allowed him to finally take FortiFX to market. We believe that FortiFX bars are the best tasting and textured protein bar on the market. They’re perfect for runners, competitive lifters, office workers, AND THEIR KIDS! The sky is the limit with these bars because they are both nutritious and delicious! Many people actually refer to them as #AddictiveNutrition because they taste like a candy bar and are packed with 20g of quality protein. Each bar has only 4 grams of sugar and they are the perfect size for anyone’s nutritional goals.

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