Kimera Koffee – JackedPack
Kimera Koffee started as a vision by a a few friends living in the Dominican Republic looking for a way to make a difference in peoples' lives. We decided to combine our country's amazing artisan high-altitude coffee with powerful vitamins proven to boost cognitive function.
We were already drinking loads of coffee and taking Nootropics. So why not combine them?
So, we set out to provide customers with tools to unlocking human potential. Through the combination of science and nature, we create products that aid and assist human evolution.
Kimera is more than just a coffee, it is a way of life. With Nootropics stimulating dopamine levels in the brain, we're aiding the reward response and helping you take action to move towards setting goals and shattering them.
The result? A dynamic community where everybody inspires each other. Through strategic sponsoring and customer integration we've created a brand that people are proud to use and share. Our community is our priority and your accomplishments are our goals.
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